June, 2019
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Welcome to the mid spring edition of Sierra Toy Soldier News. The weather here in the Bay Area has gone nuts. We went from cold, and wet to temperatures today at 105 degrees, and its not even summer. The Bay Area is horrible when we get days like this as many homes do not have air conditioning. Luckily it typically does not last too long. Unfortunately the heat has caused our fire season to start early.

Whose ever crazy idea it was to move a toy soldier shop, should be locked up. Packing 1000’s of toy soldiers is a very silly idea, moving them and then planning to set them all over again, is total madness. We are now planning to keep the store open until the 29th, even though our cabinet moving day is scheduled for the 22nd. Many of you have already taken advantage of Store Only Sale, we have a lot more on sale at bargain prices because we really do not want to move the remaining items. Come and stop by.

We also sadly must say good bye to our friend Barbara. Barbara ran our packing department for over 10 years. Some of you will have met her that visited our warehouse, and attended our King and Country events. Her catering at these events was much appreciated by everyone. If you received a shipment from us in the last 10 years, there is a really good chance she took care of it. In spite of sometimes poor health she always had a positive attitude, a joke, and a smile. Barbara decided it was time to try something new. We will miss her and wish her the very best of luck.

A memorial to Wojtek, Poland’s WWII-era 'soldier bear,' has been unveiled in central Italy, on May 15 2019, close to where Polish soldiers played a decisive role in an Allied victory during the war.

To View The article on the Memorial and see a very impressive statue. Click here.

New opening hours from July 1st we will typically be open Monday to Friday 10.00 to 5.00. Saturdays we will have special open days. We will be stocking and displaying our full range of soldiers and model aircraft as per normal. The advantage will be that all items will be in one location. It will be a work in progress, but with the input of two young, enthusiastic guys Cody and Aidan, the end result will be terrific.

Our new location address is
Sierra Toy Soldier
1350 Dell Avenue. Ste #5
Campbell, CA 95008.

5 – 10 minutes from Los Gatos, so nice and close.

We have some great announcements from King & Country, John Jenkins, Collectors Showcase, First Legion and Thomas Gunn.

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Just a reminder for those of you living in Northern California, or perhaps just visiting, that our retail store dedicated to toy soldiers is now open 7 days a week. The store is located at 29 North Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, California 95030. (408) 395 3000 www.sierratoysoldier.com


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Collectors Corner

Occasionally we get a rare opportunity to acquire individual items and complete collections for collectors that are thinning out their collection or from other dealers. These pieces are items that we do not normally stock. All are in mint condition or and in their original boxes, unless specified in the description. Please note these may have been on display.

So these are ideal pages to view if you are looking for that missing piece in your collection or just looking to find some very unique pieces that are not normally available.

Consignment Highlight

This month we have added to our consignment corner many King & Country, John Jenkins and Frontline American Civil War Sets.

Collectors Corner

Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive

Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive with King & Country.
Wojtek the Bear - Available Now! - Final Sets Remaining!

Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive with King & Country. First Edition of 300!

Monte Cassino

King & Country

King & Country June Releases!


Steven Spielberg’s epic 1998 film “Saving Pvt. Ryan” has always been a major source of inspiration for myself and K&C. Having watched the movie countless times and being able to meet and talk with Capt. Dale Dye, the films military trainer and adviser, I have been struck with just how much care and attention was focused on the characters and the military action in the movie. The attention to detail and historical accuracy set a new standard for ‘war films’ and the people who make them.

When I originally saw the movie I said to myself “I want to make toy soldiers / military miniatures that are as gritty and authentic as the guys in that movie!”

And, in the ensuring years, that’s what we have attempted to do. I believe among the very best D.Day soldiers K&C has ever produced were the two “Searching For Pvt. Ryan” sets released in October 2017. Most collectors must agree because they are on King & Country’s ‘Best-Seller’ list of all time!

Those seven US Army Rangers, PFC Ryan and the cowardly Cpl. Upham made me think about how we could extend the Rangers especially by designing extra GI’s in action on and after D.DAY.

What you will see this month is just the ‘Advance Guard’ of nine of the 19 US Army Rangers ‘in action’ on the morning of June 6, 1944 on OMAHA BEACH.

SPECIAL NOTE: These are just the first nine Rangers-in-action... TEN more will follow shortly in a mix of single, 2-man and 4-man sets. ALSO: Look out for the SPECIAL EDITION 75TH Anniversary D.DAY LCVP landing craft model... Coming Soon!

  • - A Ranger Sergeant takes careful aim with his M1 carbine as his Captain lets loose a burst of tommy-gun fire in support.
  • - This 2-man set shows two kneeling Rangers, one carrying the “Man-Portable M2-2 Flamethrower”. This had a ‘burn-duration’ of just 9 seconds and could hurl a jet of flame up to 40 yards. It was mainly used against enemy bunkers and fixed defences. Backing up the ‘Flamethrower Guy’ is another Ranger rifleman.
  • - Providing additional fire support for the rifle squad is this lying prone Ranger about to fire his M1 Rocket Launcher. Measuring just over 5 feet long and firing a HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) round it was the best infantry anti tank weapon of its time and quickly copied by the Germans. As well as ‘taking-out’ enemy armour it was also useful against bunkers and other defensive emplacements.
  • - The first of TWO 4-MAN Ranger sets going into action. These four Rangers include 2 x riflemen kneeling... 1 x kneeling ‘Tommy-Gun’ carrying Sergeant and a crouching NCO with an M1 Carbine and a ‘Walkie-Talkie’ radio.

D-Day '44

D'Day France

A very brave but ‘difficult’ general to deal with... At least for his Allies!

De Gaulle was the leader of all FREE FRENCH forces from 1940-1945. Always conscious of France’s great history and proud traditions he was the spirit of liberation for millions of the French people.

D-Day '44 - French

WWII German

This is the 9th Panther K&C has produced and the first one since 2014...

This latest Panther Ausf. G is painted in the colour scheme known as ‘Hinterhalt-Tarnung’ or ‘Ambush’ camouflage specifically designed to help conceal combat vehicles under trees and other kinds of foliage.

This particular colour scheme came about from the actual battlefield experience learned from the Normandy campaign where German vehicles and tanks suffered disastrous losses from Allied fighter bomber attacks.

That necessitated a new, improved camouflage of contrasting spots and colours that simulated the shadows and shards of light passing through and under a canopy of trees and woodland.

Together with the very-recently released TIGER this new PANTHER makes a welcome addition to King & Country’s ‘BIG CAT’ Collection.

  • - The model includes the tank commander figure and is representative of a Panther of the 2nd SS Panzer Regiment of the 2nd SS Panzer Division “Das Reich”.
  • - A Sitting German ‘tanker’ scans the skies for any sign of Allied fighter-bombers.
  • - Two sitting German ‘tankers’ enjoy a rare break from battle... Both figures can ‘perch’ on various German tanks and self-propelled guns including both new Tiger and Panther models.

Normandy '44 - Waffen-SS & Wehrmacht


Just 21 years after Waterloo another battle was fought a continent away and on a much smaller scale... The Last Stand at The Alamo...

Although dwarfed in numbers by the huge struggle at Waterloo the 13-day siege of the old Spanish mission in San Antonio, Texas has gone down in American history as the event that sparked the blaze that led to Texas independence. /p>

Here are 5 more defenders... ALL proud Tennesseans who fought and died there.

Alamo Defenders


Crusader - Cross & Crescent


  • - After firing his last round this private soldier rapidly reloads. Here he is biting off the paper wrapping at the top his cartridge and preparing to pour the powder into the muzzle of his ‘Brown Bess’ musket before dropping the ball in.
  • - The senior non commissioned officer in the battalion and a man to be both respected and feared. Sword in hand he gathers his men into line to face the foe.
  • - In battle and other times the Regimental Colours were usually held by a junior subaltern. In battle, standard bearers were often prime targets for enemy snipers and riflemen and suffered accordingly. Here, a lowly corporal holds the Regimental standard after the young officer was killed... He is also seen firing one of the officer’s pistols.
  • - A ‘classic’ infantry position formed up in the front rank of any ‘British Square’.
  • - Fix bayonets and ready to offer ‘cold steel’ to the approaching Frenchies!
  • 0 Combine ALL-FIVE Redcoats and we will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

British Napoleonic Infantry & Artillery

Beginner Gift Sets

5 newly introduced gift sets.

Beginner Gift Sets

John Jenkins

New Releases Expected June 2019!
American Revolution - General Ebenezer Learned

Learned was an active member of the local militia, and raised and drilled a company at Oxford during the French and Indian War. In the summer of 1756 he led his company to Fort Edward at Lake George. There is little record of his service, except that he served sporadically from then until 1763. He fell ill with smallpox in 1757 and was hospitalized Ebenezer Learned (April 18, 1728 – April 1, 1801) was a brigadier general in the American Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

He was the son of Ebenezer and Deborah Haynes Learned, and was born at Oxford, Massachusetts, and lived his entire life in the area. On October 5, 1749, he married Jerusha Baker (1732–1789) and they had nine children. When his grandfather died in 1750, he inherited 200 acres (0.8 km²) known as Prospect Hill, and built his home there. for a month.

After that war, he remained at home for several years, farming and operating a tavern at Oxford. He was prominent in both church and community, and served as a town selectman for 25 of the years between 1758 and 1794.

He remained active in the militia, and led his own and a neighboring company of minutemen to Boston, where he received the news of the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775. On April 24, the Massachusetts committee of safety named him a colonel and authorized him to organize a regiment that was known as Learned's Regiment. His regiment was adopted into the Continental Army in June. In 1776 those who re-enlisted were augmented by men from Danielson's Regiment to form the 3rd Continental Regiment.

By the end of the Siege of Boston, General Washington had given Learned command of the important Dorchester Heights position. When the British evacuated Boston on March 17, 1776, Colonel Learned was the first to enter the city. He led a battalion of 500 specially selected men, to clean out the traps, abatis, caltrops, and garbage left by the British. He and the men were selected because they had all had survived smallpox or had been inoculated.

Learned resigned in May 1776 due to ill health, but returned to duty on April 2, 1777. He was named a brigadier general and assigned to the Northern Department. In the first phase of the Battle of Saratoga, the Battle of Freeman's Farm, his brigade was not very effective. Working forward in the center of the line, they mainly got lost in the woods, and exchanged light fire near the end of the battle.

At the Battle of Bemis Heights his brigade was in the center of the left division, fighting alongside Daniel Morgan and Enoch Poor. They were commanded by General Benjamin Lincoln. Learned's own brigade (the 2nd, 8th, and 9th Massachusetts line), was expanded by James Livingston's 1st Canadian Regiment and 2 regiments of New Hampshire Militia the 2nd and 4th. The attack on the American far left was turned by Daniel Morgan's men, but the enemy's center was held by Hessian troops. Benedict Arnold came onto the field and encouraged the men. Arnold and Learned led a joint charge on the Hessian positions, and, even though Arnold fell wounded, Learned and his men carried through and broke the enemy lines. Burgoyne's forces had to retreat to their starting fortifications around Freeman's Farm. When their charge carried the first bunker, Burgoyne's forces withdrew to the positions they had held before the Freeman's Farm battle.

After Saratoga, his was the first unit to guard and escort the surrendered Convention Army on its trek to the south. In 1777–78, he commanded a brigade of Massachusetts troops in Major General deKalb's division at Valley Forge. On March 24, 1778, his continuing health problems led to his final resignation.

Continental Army

American Revolution - 2nd Massachusetts Regiment

2nd Massachusetts Regiment


Aztec young novice warriors or soldiers who had only captured one of the enemy, usually wore simple cotton quilted tlahuiztli body armour, and carried a simple maquahuitl.

Aztec Empire - Conquest of America

Germanic Warriors

Enemies of Rome

Roman Hastati

Roman Army of the Mid-Republic



American Civil War, 1861 - 1865

American Civil War, 1861 - 1865

Collectors Showcase

New Releases Expected Late June
Polish Lancers

Napoleonic - Polish Lancer

WWII - Afrika Korps

Made in USA

WWII Afrika Korps

WWII Germans

Made in USA

German WWII

Berlin 1938

Berlin 1938

First Legion

New June Releases
Polish Winged Hussar's

King Jan (John) III Sobieski was King of Poland, as well as Grand Duke of Lithuania. Famous for his prowess as a military commander, despite inheriting a Polish state ravaged by years of constant war, his most famous victory came at the Battle of Vienna in 1683 against the Ottoman Turks. After a full day of battle, Sobieski led none other than the Polish Winged Hussars along with other allies in a massive charge shattering the Ottoman battle line. He was hailed as the Savior of Vienna for his role in the battle.

Polish Winged Hussars

Napoleonic - Old Guard Dutch

These figures are in marching order and designed to complement our release of the Old Guard Dutch Grenadiers Tete-de-Colonne. Of course, they can also be used independently of the band in a battle display as well. The Dutch Grenadiers were part of the Imperial Guard from 1810-1813 and were raised again in April 1815 for the Hundred Days Campaign. They were one of the only regiments of the Grande Armee to wear white uniforms.

Imperial Guard Dutch Grenadiers

WWII- Battle of the Bulge

First Legion is extremely pleased to present the next vehicle in our “Late War German” series, LWG011 German Stug IV - 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking. The Sturmgeschütz IV (StuG IV) was an assault gun based on the chassis of the Panzer IV. It performed admirably in it's role as a tank killer and was typically attached to infantry divisions. It had the same main armament as the German Panzer IV, the 7.5 cm StuK 40 L/48 and a crew of four men. Our variant features opening and closing hatches, raising and lowering gun barrel, and removable side skirts such that you can configure the model as you prefer, with all skirts, no skirts, or a mix them as desired.

First Legion Battle of the Bulge

WWII - Stalingrad

First Legion is pleased to present the next vehicle for our Battle of Stalingrad figure range, a winter version of our SdKfz 251/3 Ausf C Half-Track! This incredibly detailed vehicle adds to your Stalingrad German display options and a armored column is brought to life when combined with our other 14th Panzer Division Winter Vehicles. The command variant 251/3 has one of the rear bench seats removed and fitted with communications equipment and comes complete with a Radio Operator figure. The “bedstead” antenna can be removed to allow for figures to be placed in the rear as well. Finally, it comes with a driver figure seated in place who can be seen from back as well as through the driver vision port. Additionally, figure GERSTAL072 German Winter Officer with Map was designed specifically to complement this vehicle, as he gives out coordinates to the Radio operator seating in the back through the open rear doors. With so many fantastic display options, this vehicle will make a wonderful addition to any serious WWII toy soldier collection!

Stalingrad Germans

Thomas Gunn

New Releases Expected Late May 2019!
Pavlowski Grenadier


WWII Allied

Dodge 3/4 ton WC 51/52 weapons carrier. Throughout the war Dodge was the sold provider of 3/4 ton vehicles to the US army with over 255,000 being produced in all marks. This ubiquitous vehicles saw service on all fronts and also saw service with the British, Free French and the Soviet army during WW2. Post WW it saw worldwide service with a multitude of armed forces. Please note the supplies in the back of the Dodge are not included and are shown for display purposes only.

The wheels rotate and the steering wheel is removable in order that a driver figure can be inserted, this is one of the many options planned for later on in the year. This vehicle makes a great accessory pack and can be used in a variety of dioramas including airfields or on a battlefield.

WWII Allied Forces

WWII German

  • - SS Brigade-Fuhrer Fritz Witt gives the Nazi salute to the troops under his command as he inspects them prior to the D-Day landings. Witt had taken command of the Division on 1st July 1943 and had overseen much of their training in anticipation of the Allied invasion of France. He was killed on 14th June when his command post at Venoix was destroyed by Royal Navy gunfire, Limited to 100 in number.
  • - German Tankers from the 12th SS Panzer Division on parade and awaiting inspection. When the Division was formed a cadre of experienced men and NCO's were drawn from the Leibstandarte Division. Much of their clothing however came from requisitioned Italian stocks of material. Many of the tankers within the division wore brown Italian submariners jackets and trousers as well as overalls in the distinctive Italian camouflage type pattern. This first batch of our figures wear a mixed batch of traditional SS tankers uniform and the Italian submariners jackets. An NCO looks straight ahead wearing black the traditional black Panzer wrap
  • - SS Tank commander Hans Siegel a Knights Cross recipient gives the Nazi salute, Sigel was a former member of the Leibstandarte before bring transferred over to the 12th SS. Sigel was a superb tank commander with numerous kills under his command, he was wounded a total of 10 times in combat, his last being on the very last day of the war on the 8th May from Soviet artillery fire, which resulted in an arm being amputated. He was eventually released from Soviet captivity after the war and died in 2002.
  • - Rudolf von Ribbentrop Knights Cross and German Cross in Gold recipient, looks after Fritz Witt's Alsatian puppy whilst Witt carries out his inspection. Ribbentrop was the son of Joachim von Ribbentrop the German ambassador to Great Britain prior to WW2. An outstanding soldier who joined as a Private soldier before being accepted for officer training. Ribbentrop was wounded several times during the course of the war and was highly thought of by the men under his command. Ribbentrop survived the war and recently died only 6 days ago at the ripe old age of 98 years old.

WWII German forces

WWII Pacific

WWII Pacific

Very best regards from Mike & Myszka Hall and the Sierra Toy Soldier team - Aidan, Barbara, Christian, Cody, Gary, Howard, and Michael (the Kilted Vampire).

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