September, 2023
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Welcome to the September (Fall) Edition of Sierra Toy Soldier News. Right on time the weather has changed from the heat of summer to temperatures in the 70’s with cloudy skies. Perfect!

We are on our way to the Chicago Land Toy soldier show which for us starts on Thursday and runs until Sunday afternoon. If you are planning to attend and would like to see anything in particular let us know now so we can pack it in our case. Our boxes left on Thursday. This will be a different show than usual as it is a new venue. I hope you can attend and help make it a fun event.

We’ve just acquired a collection of over 150 new consignment items that Cody is working on uploading to our website as you read this! These items include retired sets from King and Country, John Jenkins, and W. Britain’s. So, keep an eye on our Collector’s Corner for that holy grail piece you’ve been missing.

As always, check out our scratch and dent section for incomplete sets or slightly damaged pieces. They make for great projects and it’s a good place to find pieces at a discount.

We’re always working on new displays to fill our warehouse showroom, if you’re local – stop by! If you’re not local, or just busy, you can find photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Give us a follow if you’re interested!

Collectors Corner

We have some great new announcements from Britains, King & Country, John Jenkins, First Legion, Collectors Showcase and War park.

For information on John Jenkins Future Releases.

John Jenkins Future Releases.

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20th Anniversary Sale

20th Anniversary Sale

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Look for new additions later this month.

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Thomas Gunn Grand Sale

We will have lots of items on sale between 20 - 45% off throughout the month, please look at the special pricing being offered. We will be adding daily to our list of items on sale.  So please check back often and you may find a pleasant surprise.

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Scratch & Dent

Do you enjoy repairing or modifying toy soldiers and vehicles. Every now and again we receive figures and vehicles in need of a new home and some special care. If yes, this may be the section just for you.

Scratch & Dent

Collectors Corner

Occasionally we get a rare opportunity to acquire individual items and complete collections for collectors that are thinning out their collection or from other dealers. These pieces are items that we do not normally stock. All are in mint condition or and in their original boxes, unless specified in the description. Please note these may have been on display.

So these are ideal pages to view if you are looking for that missing piece in your collection or just looking to find some very unique pieces that are not normally available.

This month we have added a very large collection of Aeroart, St Petersburg figures and also a very large collection of Plastic figures and Play Sets. We have also added Frontline French and Indian War sets in perfect condition.

Consignment Highlight

This month we feature sets from Thomas Gunn, First Legion, Britain's, Jenkins, King & Country, Frontine, St Petersburg and Plastics.

Collectors Corner

Sierra Toy Soldier Britain's Exclusive

Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive - In Stock Now!

Zulu Storehouse Attack


Britain's New October Releases

Musuem Collection

In 1909 [then Prince Albert] was a naval cadet at the Royal Naval College, and saw action during World War I at the Battle of Jutland. He transferred from the Royal Navy to the Royal Air Force when it was established in 1918. As King George VI, during World War II he held the ranks of Admiral of the Fleet, Field Marshal, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and as such had a different uniform corresponding to each branch of service. Throughout the war, George and Elizabeth boosted morale by visiting bombed neighborhoods, munitions factories, and troops. George visited military forces abroad in France, North Africa, Normandy, and Italy. On these occasions the King always appeared in uniform. He is represented here in his naval dress.

Museum Collection

Jack Tars

This U.S.N. Sailor wears the simplified version of the white service uniform, otherwise known as the “undress whites.” This more formal service white uniform was a derivative of the earlier U.S.N. uniform established in 1866. The “undress whites” formed the basis for the white service dress uniform that was designed to be a summer-friendly alternative to the classic blue service dress sailor suit. Enlisted “undress” is less ornamental than the blue service dress sailor suit. This figure exhibits many of the characteristics known to exist on the U.S.N. whites worn between 1919 -41 such as the canvas twill “Dixie Cup” hat and cotton pullover V-neck jumper with squared “sailor collar.” The cotton twill, flat-front trousers have a front fly, two pockets, laced-back gusset, and plain-hemmed bellbottoms.

Jack Tars & Leathernecks Collection

Village Green

  • - 19th century taverns provided food and lodging, as well as strong drink. These establishments were also known as “inns,” “public houses,” and “ordinaries,” the latter named for the regular meal or “ordinary” offered midday at a fixed price. They had a tapster in a cage – as opposed to at a long bar – serving any number of beverages including rum, gin, whiskey, hard apple cider, brandy, ale, beer, and wine. Locals and transients gathered there to swap political news, regional gossip, and travel stories while eating or relaxing by the fireplace. Both men and some women partook of these pleasures, many being travelers seeking overnight shelter.
  • - While most women in the American Civil War did not fight in the battles, they did feel the impact of the war in their daily lives. Women like Miss Dunbar did what they could to support their loved ones off fighting. All over the country women organized into local Soldiers Aid Societies whose goal was to raise supplies, money, and, in general, assist in the war effort. These women would knit socks and bandages, host fairs and events to raise money, and sometimes even tend to sick and wounded soldiers. Miss Dunbar, like many other women of her era wears a patriotic apron to show her support of the cause.
  • - We catch a tender moment between mother and daughter. The simple act of tying the strings on her daughter’s sunbonnet allows both a chance to connect, share a smile and a small conversation. Perhaps the mother is imparting a bit of wisdom, telling her that she loves her, or reminding the young girl to have patience with her siblings. They could also be lamenting the absence of her father who is off fighting with the army. Maybe she is giving directions for garden chores as the young girl is also wearing a pinafore apron that protects her dress from wear and tear. The sunbonnet itself is meant to protect the face from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as shielding the neck and shoulders from the sun’s heat with a simple curtain.
  • - “Extra, Extra!!” Newspaper publishers relied on newspaper boys, or “newsies” to distribute their newspapers on city streets. These boys purchased the papers beforehand and needed to sell them all to make a profit. In towns and smaller cities these boys’ wages were often used to supplement the household coffers in lower income families. However, in large cities newspaper boys were often homeless children who sold newspapers just to earn enough to feed themselves. They could often be found sleeping huddled together under or near the stairs of the newspaper office. While this young lad is selling papers, by the look of and care taken in his clothing, he has a family and home he returns to every night.

Village Green Collection

American WWII

WWII Collection

German WWII

WWII Collection

King & Country

King & Country September Releases!


The M48 ‘Patton’ was an American first-generation main battle tank which first appeared in 1952 and was designed to replace the WW2 and Korean War era M26, M4 Sherman and post war M47 and M41s. Armed with a powerful 90mm main gun it was produced to meet the battlefield requirements of both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marines. Eventually almost 12,000 M48s were built and a series of continual improvements were made to ensure better performance and reliability. Beginning in 1959 most of the original M48 A1s and A2s were upgraded and modified to the M48A3 model, which is what King & Country has produced. IN COMBAT Numerous examples of the M48 saw active service in various Arab / Israeli conflicts as well as the war in South East Asia throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s. The M48A3 was to go on to see widespread service with both the United States and many of its NATO partners in Europe until it was superseded by the newer M60 Main Battle Tank. Even today though the M48 remains in service in large quantities with Turkey (750), Taiwan (500) and Greece (390). However, King & Country is focusing on the M48A3 in combat in Vietnam with two great examples…

  • - At the beginning of the 1968 Tet Offensive Communist forces overran the ancient imperial capitol of Hue in South Vietnam. U.S. Marines stationed at Phu Bai airbase south of Hue were ordered to lead the assault to retake the city. Backed up by M48A3s, crewed by fellow Marines, the ‘Grunts’ fought their way back into the city and street-by-street, house-by-house slowly but steadily gained the upper hand. During much of the battle foul weather hampered the use of close air support and thus the firepower of the M48A3s 90mm gun was essential. The sheer bulk of an M48 also allowed the Marines to advance behind the armour of the tank as together they eliminated the enemy. This particular USMC 48A3, ‘Charlie Four-One’ is nicknamed ‘Witch Bitch’ and comes complete with a full body Marine Tank Commander armed with CAR15 carbine and a “head ‘n’ shoulders” Tank Driver figure. Each model comes in its own sturdy, full colour, presentation box.
  • - Our second M48A3 is nicknamed ‘Mad Dogs’ and has the hull tag ‘Charlie Four-Four’. Like the previous model it comes complete with its two crew figures and same high quality, first-class packaging.
  • - From a pair of mighty American tanks to a slim, slip of a young Vietnamese woman sitting holding her captured U.S. made M2 Carbine. Many of these weapons were given to the South Vietnamese forces because they were lighter to carry and easier to use than the heavier, more cumbersome M1 ‘Garand’ rifles that the ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) had originally been issued with prior to the introduction of the M16. A number of these carbines inevitably fell into Viet Cong hands and were often distributed to female members who found them simpler to operate and lighter to carry. This young VC woman is holding a Korean War era carbine complete with a 30 x round curved magazine.

Vietnam - Tet'68

WWII - German Tiger

The Panzerkampfwagen VI better known by its nickname ‘THE TIGER’ was one of the most powerful tanks to see action during the Second World War. Conceived in a response to the heavily armoured Soviet tanks the Germans encountered after their invasion of Russia in June 1941, the ‘TIGER’ completely outclassed all its opponents at the time of its introduction. Its formidably thick frontal armour was almost impossible to penetrate with all existing anti-tank weapons systems of the period. Armed with a superb tank version of the 88mm KwK 36 Flak Gun it was capable of destroying enemy targets at well over 2 kilometres. These were even some reports of ‘kills’ at almost 4 kilometres!

Being a mighty armoured ‘breakthrough’ vehicle it was often employed as the spearhead of many German offensives.

Our latest ‘KURSK TIGER’ represents one of two from the Heavy Tank Company of the 2nd. Waffen SS Division ‘DAS REICH’ which was equipped with the mighty Tigers.

Painted in the Two-colour camouflage scheme typical of Das Reich vehicles during the Battle of Kursk this model comes with these unique features: ALL-METAL DIECAST HULL, TURRET and 88mm MAIN GUN…MOVING FLEXIBLE METAL TRACK… ROLLING WHEELS with FULL SUSPENSION… FOUR OPENING HATCHES… PLUS TWO ORIGINAL CREW FIGURES FOR EACH TURRET.

Both ‘KURSK TIGERS’ come expertly packed in a special custom-designed, full colour presentation box with a Numbered Certificate limiting each edition to just 250 pieces.

New Expected November / December 2023! Pre Order Now! Only 250 of each being produced. Pre ordering essential.

Russian Front and Berlin 1945


By July 1943 there was a massive build-up of huge armies on either side of the Eastern Front around Kursk in preparation for a German assault to destroy the Soviet salient that had formed in the area. Among the German forces preparing to assault the Russian positions were no less that three of Hitler’s most elite Waffen SS Panzergrenadier Divisions. The 1st SS ‘Leibstandarte’. The 2nd SS ‘Das Reich’… and The 3rd SS ‘Totenkopf’ plus one more SS division kept in reserve, The 5th SS ‘Viking’. Each of these Panazergrenadier divisions was on paper, organized and equipped in the same manner as a regular German Army armoured division however the SS Divisions had a substantially larger number of tanks and other armoured vehicles. In addition each of these Waffen SS formations had two entire regiments of Panzergrenadier Infantry supported by the division’s own artillery regiment and separate battalions of anti aircraft troops, reconnaissance units and pioneers. These 2nd Generation Waffen SS soldaten are dressed in the representative uniforms of the mid war period complete with their distinctive camouflage smocks and helmet covers which the Waffen SS pioneered.

  • - These two troopers stand waiting for the signal to advance. Note how one is carrying a captured PPSh-41 submachine gun while his comrade has the standard K98 rifle.
  • - Standing and kneeling with K98s ready
  • - One trooper indicates something in the distance to his comrade.
  • - This 3x figure set armed with an assortment of personal weapons open fire on the enemy.
  • - Under the command of on SS-Rottenfuhrer (SS-Squad leader) this 2man gun team goes into action.
  • - Even in the midst of battle this officer moves among his men… calm and determined.

Normandy '44 - Waffen-SS & Wehrmacht

Battle of The Bulge

Battle of the Bulge


One of K&C’s most popular and colourful series has been and still is ‘Streets of Old Hong Kong’. Our look back at Colonial Hong Kong circa 1897, a period when traditional Chinese dress and costumes were still worn by most citizens on the streets of this thriving port city. Several months ago I went to an exhibition of miniature Hong Kong buildings that were created by a team of very skilled and knowledgeable diorama builders. Most of the exhibits on display were approximately 1:24 in scale and were depictions of typical three and four storey Chinese-style Shop Houses and sections of streets that were once familiar sights all over Hong Kong but are now few and far between. Victims of the growth, development and prosperity of this amazing city and its hard-working people. Looking at these exquisite reminders of a time not long past it struck me that the only thing missing was a lack of miniature figures to help populate the scenes as well as provide a truer, more authentic picture of this day before yesterday in the life and times of Hong Kong. And so, here are our first offerings that give perhaps, a little portrait of some of the people who helped build and shape this amazing city during the tumultuous 1960s and the sensational 70s. THE ‘VIETNAM’ CONNECTION As I worked on this project I was also reminded that many of the Asian countries around Hong Kong also have large communities of ethnic Chinese families living and working in them… especially in their towns and cities. Vietnam is one such example where there was a sizeable section of the population that was of Chinese origin particularly in what was then called Saigon. Whole sections of major South Vietnamese urban centres such as Hue and Da Nang also had ‘Chinatowns’ in their midst. For many ‘VIETNAM’ street displays and dioramas this new range of additional figures is both are useful and additional touch of authenticity

Colonial Hong Kong 1897

John Jenkins

New releases expected October!

WWII - German Tiger

GA-052 German Panzerkampfwagen "Tiger" Ausf. E (Sd.Kfz.181), Initial Production, Tiger #123, schwere Panzerabteilung 502, Second Battle of Lake Ladoga, January 1943.

Please click on the item for a very detailed description.


JJ WWII Collection

Troy - Lycian

Lycian Warriors

Troy - Amazons


Roman Cavalty

Roman Army of the Late Republic

Conquest of America



Age of Arthur - Vikings

Siege of Malta


Jean "Parisot” de la Valette (4th February 1495 – 21st August 1568) was a French nobleman and the 49th Grand Master of the Order of Malta. As a Knight Hospitaller, joining the order in the Langue de Provence, he fought with distinction against the Turks at Rhodes.

As Grand Master, Valette became the Order’s hero and most illustrious leader, commanding the resistance against the Ottomans at the Great Siege of Malta in 1565.

After the great siege, he commissioned the construction of the new city of Valetta in 1566, laying the first stone with his own hands. The city became known as the most aristocratic and exclusive fortress in Europe, and Valletta remains the Maltese capital to this day.

La Valette never saw the completed city, and died from a stroke on 21st August 1568.

His tomb can be found in the Crypt of the Conventual Church of the Order (now St. John’s C0-Cathedral) situated within the walls of Valletta. The inscription on his tomb, which was composed by his Latin Secretary, Sir Oliver Starkey, the last Knight of the English Langue at the time of the Great Siege, states in Latin,

Here lies La Valette. Worthy of eternal honour, He who was once the scourge of Africa and Asia, And the shield of Europe, Whence he expelled the barbarians by his Holy Arms, Is the first to be buried in this beloved city, Whose founder he was.

Jean de Valette, Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, had a key influence in the victory against the Ottomans with his example and his ability to encourage and hold people together. This example had a major impact, bringing together the Kings of Europe in an alliance against the previously seemingly invincible Ottomans. The result was the vast union of forces against the Ottomans at the Battle of Lepanto six years later.

Such was the gratitude of Europe for the Knights’ heroic defence that money soon began pouring into the island, allowing Valette to construct a fortified city, Valletta, with the intent to deny the position to any future enemies.

Great Siege of Malta

Gempei War

Gempei War 1180 - 1185

Battle of Cowpens

British Legion

Battle of Cowpens

71st Regiment of Foot

Battle of Cowpens

Queen’s Rangers

Battle of Assaye

74th Highland Regiment of Foot

American Civil War

1st Rockbridge Artillery

American Civil War

Confederate Artillery

American Civil War

Battle of Brandy Station

Black Hills War

Battle where the Girl saved her Brother, 17th June 1876

Mountain Men

Whiskey, Scalps and Beaver Pelts

Collectors Showcase

New releases expected October!

ACW - 11th Mississippi

11th Mississippi

German U-Boat

Limited release of approximetly 30.

German WWII

First Legion

New releases expected October!

First Legion - Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge

War Park

War Park Vehicles

New October Releases.

War Park - New Releases

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