October, 2021
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Welcome to the fall edition of Sierra Toy Soldier News written on a chilly day here in the Bay Area. The weather has dropped from the high temperatures and plunged them into the '60s, which is nice. As October is our big month for wildfires due to both the Diablo and Santa Ana Winds. These cause any spark to suddenly flare into a massive fire. The firefighters need a rest, so I hope this does not occur this year.

We survived another Chicago Show, which exceeded our expectations as we had no idea what to expect, due to Covid. Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers attended, which is always a huge draw. The attendance was down from previous years. Those that attended were great, thank you so much for making the effort and coming to support the show. This year it was the 40th anniversary of the show, we are looking forward to the 41st when hopefully things can get back to normal.

We held our customer event on the Friday night it was a great success. It was well attended by customers who had an opportunity to chat with fellow collectors. We hope next year we can arrange our normal customer appreciation event.

After the show, we cheated and took time off to visit the National Parks at Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry and Manassas. This was the first time we had visited this area, we wished we had done it earlier. We spent 2 days visiting the Battlefield at Gettysburg, which must be one of the best-preserved battlefields anywhere. Until you visit and see the size, shape and, layout it is impossible to comprehend what occurred on those 3 fateful days in July, 1863. If you have an opportunity to visit, you will find a breathtaking experience.

Now we start planning for the Christmas Holidays, they are only 3 months away. Get ready.

We have some great new announcements from Britain's, King & Country, John Jenkins and Thomas Gunn.

John has re-started his future release updates, for the latest information on John Jenkins Future Releases, please visit.

John Jenkins Future Releases.

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Cyber October Sale

Cyber October Sale

We have added more items our sale items. Check out our Thomas Gunn, First Legion and King & Country Sale items.

King & Country Mega Sale

First Legion Big Sale

Thomas Gunn Grand Sale

We will have lots of items on sale between 25 - 45% off throughout the month, please look at the special pricing being offered. We will be adding daily to our list of items on sale.  So please check back often and you may find a pleasant surprise.

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Sierra Toy Britain's Exclusive
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John Jenkins
Thomas Gunn


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Collectors Corner

Occasionally we get a rare opportunity to acquire individual items and complete collections for collectors that are thinning out their collection or from other dealers. These pieces are items that we do not normally stock. All are in mint condition or and in their original boxes, unless specified in the description. Please note these may have been on display.

So these are ideal pages to view if you are looking for that missing piece in your collection or just looking to find some very unique pieces that are not normally available.

Consignment Highlight

This month we feature sets from Britain's, Jenkins and King & Country. All effectively brand new and unopened.

Collectors Corner

Sierra Toy Soldier Britain's Exclusive

Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive - In Stock Now!

Zulu Storehouse Attack


Britain's October Releases!

American Civil War

New releases not previously announced, expected October, 2021.

King & Country

King & Country October Releases!

Sketch Portfolio

"Sketch Portfolio" which contains 13 sketches of Original Pen & Ink Drawings by Andy C. Neilson.


Special Forces in Vietnam

The war in Vietnam was to become the U.S. Special Forces most complex and controversial mission, beginning as early as 1957 and finally ending in 1973. During those years the U.S. Special Forces, mostly ‘Green Berets’, fulfilled a wide variety of operations and missions covering all of South Vietnam and also, clandestinely, into neighbouring countries. Among their many duties were setting up and leading camp strike forces... mobile strike forces... special reconnaissance tasks... training indigenous units and headquarters support. The Special Forces soldiers who carried out these missions and operations were a special breed of soldier... All of them were Regular Army volunteers with years of experience and knowledge behind them. They were well-trained in a variety of different military skills and able to work alone or in small specialist teams to lead and advise regular and irregular South Vietnamese forces as well as local civilians and natives in some of the most distant and inhospitable areas of South Vietnam. The typical Special Forces trooper and officer was of higher than average intelligence, physically fitter than many of his military contemporaries and well able to think on his feet and be more adaptable to changing situations and variable conditions. The ‘Green Berets’ that most of them proudly wore was earned by plenty of blood, sweat and tears in training and in the jungles, mountains and paddy fields of South Vietnam.

Vietnam - Tet 68

In The Land of the Nile

From the hot and humid jungles of South Vietnam to the hot and arid sands of Ancient Egypt and the lands bordering the great river Nile...

Ancient Egypt


Alexander Dumas’ classic swash-buckling, historical novel ‘The Three Musketeers’ has been a firm favourite of movie fans ever since it was first filmed by Douglas Fairbanks in 1921. Since then many more movies have told the story of the young swordsman d’Artagnan and his three friends, Athos, Porthos and Aramis and their adventures during the reign of French King LouisⅩⅢ and his principal minister, the cunning and powerful Cardinal Richelieu. King & Country have also told the story of the ‘Three Musketeers’ in miniature... Back in 2015 we produced our very first set of three Musketeers together with their young aspirant, d’Artagnan... alongside their arch enemy, Cardinal Richlieu. Those particular figures have long been sold-out and no longer in production however collectors and some dealers have requested replacements... So, here they are...

Musketeers of the Guard


One more Lancer of this famous Polish Cavalry Regiment that serves the Emperor together with one of the regiment’s Trumpeters.

French Napoleonic


It is often said that no country produces military spectacles as good or as colourful as Great Britain. Among the finest and most spectacular of all the centuries – old regiments that take part in ceremonial duties in the nation’s capital are the men and horses of the Queen’s own ‘Household Cavalry’. The Household Cavalry is actually made up of two mounted regiments... ‘The Blues & Royals’ and ‘The Life Guards’. As part of King & Country’s Life Guards collection we are proud to present the first of two magnificent drum horses...



Approximately 3,000 British, Empire and Foreign pilots flew with the Royal Air Force’s ‘Fighter Command’ during the Battle of Britain. Supporting them on the ground were many more thousands of RAF ‘Ground Crews’ who the pilots depended on to get them into the air and engage the enemy before returning to earth to be refueled, rearmed and often repaired for the next ‘scramble’. These ground crew airmen took on a multitude of tasks and performed all kinds of mechanical and technical ‘miracles’ to enable the RAF’s Spitfires and Hurricanes to stay in the air fighting the enemy and winning the aerial battle. Here are the latest sets...

Royal Air Force


As French towns and village all across Normandy were liberated by the Allies local Resistance Groups (Les Maquisards) together with many local residents began to take their revenge on anyone thought to have helped or associated with the recent German occupiers. After four years of occupation together with hunger, fear and perhaps a little shame it was time to seek revenge and retribution on those who had profited from the hated ‘Boche’ or had cooperated with the enemy in a more ‘horizontal’ fashion. Collaborators of all shapes and sizes and to all degrees were sought out and often subjected to fierce interrogation and swift, violent punishment. Women in particular, who were denounced or simply suspected of enemy collaboration were among the most prominent victims.

D-DAY '44 - French

John Jenkins

New October Releases

As the war progressed new types of more modern and efficient combat vehicles were developed and built. The Panzer I’s quickly became obsolete and were relegated to secondary roles, both at the front and the rearguard.

The Panzer I was used as a medical tank for casualty evacuation for the panzer units on the front. These tanks had no armament at all, with the turrets removed, and white circles with a red cross in the middle were painted on the sides and rear, to denote their assignement to frontline medical platoons.

JJ WWII Collection

Norman Knights

Age of Arthur - Norman Knights


The impact and early significance of castles in Spain can be measured by the fact that the noun “castle” (from the Latin c astella meaning “castles”) forms the origin of the name of Spain’s historically most powerful kingdom: Castile. And the history of Castile –the land of castles– projects itself widely over the history of Spain,

Castles were not built only in response to hostility between Christians and Moors but also by Christian and Moorish rulers to control internal conflicts. They were also constructed by ambitious and rebellious nobles on both sides, especially in those areas far removed from immediate royal authority.

Villages and towns frequently established themselves around castles, creating hubs that provided work for the inhabitants. In times of hostility, those inhabitants could seek protection inside the castles. In return for protection, villagers often surrendered their freedom and became vassals of the lord of the castle, creating one of the most identifiable social structures ​ associated with this period: feudalism (in general terms, a contract whereby a king or lord allowed a vassal to use his land in return for homage and service whenever called upon). However, in Spain, and more specifically in the medieval kingdoms of Castile, León, Navarre and Aragón, the feudal system never took firm root because of the need to encourage citizens to populate or repopulate lands on the borders with Muslim al-Andalus.

Castles were built and existing towns strengthened as centres of resistance to the threat of Muslim expansionism. In return, monarchs or nobles offered willing citizens certain inducements/privileges (e.g. ownership of land, freedom from taxation, keeping the profits of war) for settling and defending frontier zones.

These privileges –legally recorded and known as fueros or charters— differed from area to area, but in general they outlined both the obligations and freedoms of the settlers and protected them from servitude.

From an early date, the main defensive wall of Spanish, especially Muslim castles had square or rectangular towers. Christian fortresses were more likely to have semi circular towers, whose advantage was that they were better to deflect stones and arrows.

The square tower still prevailed in Moorish castles into the 13 th and even 14 th centuries. The “horseshoe arch” was another characteristic of Muslim castles, with the double horseshoe “Gate of Justice” the main entrance of the Alhambra fortress being a magnificent example.

The separate castle sections will allow for a variety of diorama set ups, varying from a full four sided castle! To a simple shelf backdrop.


El Cid - Spanish

Alvar Fanez (died 1114AD) was a Leonese nobleman and military leader under Alfonso VI of Leon and Castile. He became the subject of legend, immortalised by the Poema de Mio Cid, into Alvar Fanez Minaya, a loyal vassal and commander under El Cid, during the latter’s exile and his conquest of Valencia.

In the “Poema de Mio Cid”, he becomes one of the main characters, and is transformed from his historical role as loyal vassal and general of Alonso VI to a simular role in the retinue of El Cid. He is written as often being given military command when Cid splits his forces, and accompanies the Cid during his exile.

He is depcted as a paragon of loyalty, not only being true to his uncle El Cid, but also unwavering in his defence of his kinsmen. Historically he is credited with the reconquest of Guadalajara, where a Moorish tower , the “Torreon de Alvar Fanez” is named after him.

The Spanish

El Cid - Almoravid



War of the Roses

Anglo Saxon/ Danish Shieldwall


Age of Arthur


Age of Arthur - Vikings

Mid-Republic Romans

Mid-Republic Romans


Enemies of Rome


Punic Wars

Libyan Infantry


American Frontier

Whiskey, Scalps and Beaver Pelts

Drums along the Mohawk

Drums along the Mohawk

American Civil War - 14th Regiment, New York State Militia

14th Regiment, New York State Militia

Wellington in India

The 1/8 Madras Native Infantry were originally raised as the 9th Battalion Coast Sepoys in 1760, becoming the 1/8th Madras Native Infantry in 1796. They retained this title until 1902 when they became the 8th Gurkhas until they were disbanded. During the years that Wellesley was in India, they took to calling themselves “Wellesley’s Own”.

The 2/12th Madras Native Infantry were to become the 10th Battlaion 1st Punjab Regiment.

Wellington in India - Battle of Assaye, 1803

Thomas Gunn

New October Announcements
Korean War

Korean War

Korean War

WWII - Japanese

The Kurogane was built by vehicle manufacturer Tokyu and saw widespread service with the Japanese forces in WW2. Around 4700 were built and this nifty looking truck will make a great addition to any jungle diorama.

  • - Limited to 80 in number and competitively priced whilst stocks last. Please note the canvas canopy is removable.
  • - The B version has no driver and also comes with a green canopy cover so you can display the 2 alongside each other, both vehicles have different registration numbers. Limited to 50 in number worldwide


Zulu War

Thomas-Gunn-African Wars

Boer War

Thomas-Gunn-African Wars


  • - A beautifully crafted winter variant of this effective and lethal German tank hunter. We have faithfully replicated the summer camouflage pattern with a subtle overcoat of winter whitewash, enhanced with a little weathering. Its surely got to be one of nicest tanks to date. A summer version is due out later in the year. Supplied with tank commander as per the pictures, limited to 100 total in number


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