January, 2023
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Welcome to the New Year edition of Sierra Toy Soldier News, written on a very stormy day here in the Bay area. Usually, you would usually hear me asking for rain, however, that is no longer the case. Since Mid-December we have experienced consecutive storms, with the result being plenty of flooding and mud slides. The Sierra mountain range has tons of snow, which is great for skiers, but only if you can get up there as all the freeways are closed. When you get there, good luck if you want to get to the top of a slope because the lifts are not always working because of high winds. Rest assured, there is always the Bunny Slopes, which is perfect for some of us. In the 30 plus years we have lived here we have never experienced so much rain and so many storms; but at least it will help with the drought.

The week before Christmas our warehouse roof leaked, the result of which was that our warehouse floor flooded. Luckily most of our inventory was untouched as we have a mobile racking system. Those items stored on the warehouse floor though are heading to the insurance and salvage company. The damage to the showroom was extensive. At least we were able to get the roof repaired quickly, because it was the contractor’s fault in the first place. We then worked to get the water out and used massive fans to dry the place out. We were operational again in 2 days.

Now that it is 2023, Happy New Year and on to new adventures. Thank you all for another great year. This July will be our 20th year as a toy soldier company, doesn’t time fly.

West Coast Toy Soldier

We are looking forward to visiting the West Coaster Toy Soldier Show on February 26, 2023.

Location: Delta Hotels by Marriott Anaheim Garden Grove

Address: 12021 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840

We are planning on being open for Room Trading on Friday and Saturday, so stop by early for a bargain or two. We hope you can come; you will have a great time.

Please help us pack the truck. If there is anything you would like us to bring, please let us know as it makes our packing decisions so much easier.

We have added Last Post Miniatures to the collection. We plan on stocking these diorama items this year and would welcome pre - orders so we can include them in our shipment. We had the opportunity to check them out at Chicago and were very impressed.

We have some great new announcements from Britain's, King & Country, John Jenkins, Thomas Gunn and Last Post.

For information on John Jenkins Future Releases.

John Jenkins Future Releases.

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Cyber New Year Sale

Cyber New Year Sale.

Perfect for New Year.

Look for new additions later this month.

King & Country Mega Sale

First Legion Big Sale

Collectors Showcase Grand Sale

John Jenkins Grand Sale

Thomas Gunn Grand Sale

We will have lots of items on sale between 25 - 45% off throughout the month, please look at the special pricing being offered. We will be adding daily to our list of items on sale.  So please check back often and you may find a pleasant surprise.

Collectors Corner
Sierra Toy Britain's Exclusive
King & Country
John Jenkins
Last Post Miniatures
Thomas Gunn


We are open Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00pm.

Just a reminder for those of you living in Northern California, or perhaps just visiting, that our Showroom dedicated to toy soldiers is now open 6 days a week. 1350 Dell Avenue, Ste #5, Campbell, California 95008. (408) 395 3000


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Scratch & Dent

Do you enjoy repairing or modifying toy soldiers and vehicles. Every now and again we receive figures and vehicles in need of a new home and some special care. If yes, this may be the section just for you.

Scratch & Dent

Collectors Corner

Occasionally we get a rare opportunity to acquire individual items and complete collections for collectors that are thinning out their collection or from other dealers. These pieces are items that we do not normally stock. All are in mint condition or and in their original boxes, unless specified in the description. Please note these may have been on display.

So these are ideal pages to view if you are looking for that missing piece in your collection or just looking to find some very unique pieces that are not normally available.

This month we have added a very large collection of Aeroart, St Petersburg figures and also a very large collection of Plastic figures and Play Sets. We have also added Frontline French and Indian War sets in perfect condition.

Consignment Highlight

This month we feature sets from Thomas Gunn, First Legion, Britain's, Jenkins, King & Country, Frontine, St Petersburg and Plastics.

Collectors Corner

Sierra Toy Soldier Britain's Exclusive

Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive - In Stock Now!

Zulu Storehouse Attack


Britain's January Releases!

Museum Collection - Aviator

New Britain's Releases Expected January 2023!


Museum Collection

Museum Collection

Clash of Empires

Clash of Empires

Village Green

Village Green Collection

King & Country

King & Country January Releases!

Ancient Egypt

Few civilisations have ignited as much intrigue and interest as Ancient Egypt. For centuries the world has been fascinated with all aspects of Egyptology alongwith the lives of many of its rulers and the mighty monuments they left behind as evidence of their existence, culture and engineering brilliance.

‘Egyptomania’, as this popular fascination is sometimes called, reached a fever pitch in 1922 when Howard Carter, arguably the most famous Egyptologist of all time, discovered the virtually intact tomb of Tutankhamun, the young boy Pharaoh.

Ancient Egypt

North West Mounties - New Series

Please click below for a history of the Mounties.

North-West Mounted Police


Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022 we have received suggestions from collectors all over the world to again make available the little figure we produced of the Queen when she was simply Princess Elizabeth and a member of Britain’s ATS (Auxiliary Transport Service) during WW2.

When Princess Elizabeth turned 18 in 1944, she requested her father, King George VI, allow her to join the Auxiliary Transport Service (the ATS).

This was the women’s branch of the British Army. Since the outbreak of WW2 Britain had conscripted many young women to join the war effort.

Unmarried women under 30 had to join the armed forces or work on the land or in any of the country’s war industries. The King agreed to his eldest daughter’s request with the proviso that she was not to be given any special rank or privileges while serving.

The Princess began, after initial training, as a ‘second subaltern’ and eventually was promoted to ‘junior commander’, the equivalent of an army captain.

While undergoing training as a vehicle mechanic she took driving and engine maintenance courses and proved to be an apt pupil and willing participant.

By the end of WW2 there were over 200,000 women serving in the ATS at both home and abroad in many theaters of war.

To the end of her long life the Queen was intensely proud of her wartime service in the ATS and was known to occasionally diagnose and even repair a faulty engine as she had been taught to do during her service career so many years before.

The Royals


  • - A standing Australian infantryman prepares to ‘lob’ a ‘Mills Bomb’ (a British-made hand grenade) towards the enemy. As he throws the grenade with his right hand he holds his trusty .303 Lee Enfield rifle in the other
  • - While his mate throws the grenade this ‘digger’ adopts the prone firing position as he picks off one of the advancing Japanese and gets ready to take care of the next one

KOKODA: The Long Bloody Trail


  • - This 3-figure set focuses on three kneeling and crouching Australian soldiers about to take part in a sweep around the base area outside of Nui Dat which was the headquarters of the 1st Australian Task Force in South Vietnam during the War. As the platoon sergeant goes over the map in front of him the two ‘diggers’ listen carefully to his instructions. As can be seen both the sergeant and one of the riflemen are carrying the standard L1A1 Self Loading Rifles while the third soldier rests his M60 Machine Gun on its bipod legs on the ground. In addition, one of the kneeling riflemen is also carrying an M79 Grenade Launcher. Each set also includes 3 x copies of the map.
  • - Yet another unique little set of Vietnamese figures to complete any Vietnam scene… A young girl together with her small brother make their way through a village… or along a country road… or perhaps just observing these big foreign soldiers on patrol through their country…
  • - A second, alternative version of a very popular set… This time the young cattle herder is wearing a red ‘T’ shirt and short khaki pants as he rides on top of the family’s water buffalo.

Vietnam - Tet'68

Korea - New Series

  • - Four Marines, including an officer carrying his M1 Carbine… another Marine with his Browning Automatic Rifle and two more ‘Leathernecks’ with their Garands trudging through the rain to complete their mission. This little set comes in its own box with a specially-designed, full-colour label.
  • - In addition to the standard issue olive drab ‘ponchos’ a number of Marine Corps camouflage pattern ‘ponchos’ were also issued. This officer has managed to obtain one… After all, rank has its privileges!

Korean War

John Jenkins

New January Releases - Arriving this week!

HIPPOLYTA was a daughter of Ares and Otrera, queen of the Amazons and a sister of Antiope , Melanippe, and Penthesilea.

She wore her fathers’ ZOSTER, the Greek word found in the Iliad and elsewhere meaning “war belt”. This “war belt” or magical girdle was the object that Heracles had to recover to complete the fourth task given to him during the myth of the Labours of Heracles.

Hippolyta figures prominently in the myths of both Heracles and Theseus. The myths about her are varied enough that they may therefore be about several different women.

The name Hippolyta comes from the Greek, meaning “horse” and “let Loose”.


Trojan War - Greek



Achaemenid military units were organized decimally, in tens, hundreds and thousands. This was a simple form of military organization and one quite popular among early armies. The basic unit of Persian infantry is believed to be of ten men. The first man is a shield-bearer (Spara) with a short spear, and would rest his large whicker shield on the ground to protect the rows of archers behind him.

The Sparabara, meaning “shield bearers” in old Persian, were the front line infantry of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. They were usually the first to engage in hand to hand combat with the enemy. Although not much is known about them today, it is believed that they were the backbone of the Persian army who formed a shield wall and used their two metre long spears to protect more vulnerable troops such as archers from the enemy. The term is also used to refer to the combination of these shield bearers and the archers that were protected by them

The use of shielded spearmen protecting ranks of archers was nothing new, and such units had been the mainstay of Assyrian and Babylonian armies for centuries. The Persian formation was a modification of this arrangement; nine rows of archers would be protected by one row of shield-bearers.

PLease click below for a more detailed description.

Achaemenid Persian Empire

Conquest of America - Jamestown


Conquest of America - Skraeling



Age of Arthur - Anglo Saxon/ Danish Shieldwall

Siege of Malta - New Series

The Great Siege of Malta occurred in 1565 when the Ottoman Empire attempted to conquer the Island of Malta, then held by the Knights Hospitaller. The siege lasted nearly four months, from 18th May to 11th September 1565.

The Knights Hospitaller had been headquartered in Malta since 1530, after being driven out of Rhodes, also by the Ottomans, in 1522, following the Siege of Rhodes. The Ottomans first attempted to take Malta in 1551 but failed. In 1565, Suleiman The Magnificent, the Ottoman Sultan, made a second attempt to take Malta. The Knights, who numbered around 500 together with approximately 6,000 footsoldiers, withstood the siege and repelled the invaders. This victory became one of the most celebrated events of Sixteenth Century Europe, to the point that Voltaire said, “Nothing is better known than the Siege of Malta”.

It undoubtedly contributed to the eventual erosion of the European perception of Ottoman invincibility, although the Mediterranean continued to be contested between Christian coalitions and the Muslim Turks for many years.

Great Siege of Malta

Gempei War

Gempei War 1180 - 1185

Drums along the Mohawk

King’s Royal Regiment of New York

American Revolution - Battle of Cowpens


Formed in 1759, the regiment was sent to Boston in 1775 to help quell the growing rebellion. Only a small part of the regiment was sent south and was attached to Tarleton’s command. They are said to have clung to the by now bedraggled scarlet coats that set them apart from the green uniformed Provincials of the British Legion.

Only about a hundred dragoons were present at the Cowpens battle, and it was the only unit to retire from the battlefield in good order.

American Revolution - Battle of Cowpens, January 17th, 1781 -

Battle of Assaye, 1803

Maratha Cavalry

Battle of Assaye, 1803

74th Highland Regiment of Foot

American Civil War

Army of the Shenandoah, 33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment, Company E, Emerald Guard

American Civil War

39th New York Infantry Regiment, Garibaldi Guard

Black Hills War

Black Hill Wars 1876-1877

WWII German Armour

German Panzerkampfwagen "Panther" Ausf. G (Sd.Kfz.171), M.N.H. Factory "Striped" Camo Fallschirm-Panzer-Division 1 "Hermann Goring”, East Prussia, January 1945.

This item will only be available as a pre-order. Only the quanity that are pre ordered will be made. Expected May 2023! PRE-ORDER PERIOD ENDS JANUARY 31st 2023! Please  click on the item link for a full description.

JJ WWII Collection

WWII - Polish Spitfire

Please  click on the item link for a full description.

JJD Second World War Aircraft Collection

Booster Sets - Libyan Infantry

Special Booster Set


WWI - British

Special Booster Set

British Forces

Last Post Miniatures

New Addition for 2023
Last Post Diorama Miniatures

Based in Sydney, Australia, Last Post provides unique items for the discerning toy soldier collector and modeler. Their products are available hand-painted and ready to use. They are designed for 1/30-1/32 scale and work perfectly with your collection of models from King & Country, John Jenkins Designs, Thomas Gunn, W. Britain's, First Legion and more!

We plan on stocking these items this year and would welcome Pre - Orders so we can include them in our shipment. We had the opportunity to check them out at Chicago and were very impressed.

THe items include Accessories, Trees, Mats and Buildings.

Thomas Gunn

New releases for January
Myths and Legends

New Thomas Gunn Releases Expected January 2023!

  • - This one needs no explanation, from the very beginning of time, the first woman is depicted here with the serpent who led her into temptation and the apple core sitting at her feet. Eve will also fit nicely in with the Egyptian or Roman series.
  • - Please read item description.

Myths, Legends and Biblical


Can be used in a variety of settings such as our slave market or the emperor's garden, which will be released very soon.

Glory of Rome


Enemies of Rome

Zulu Wars

African Wars



Very best regards from Mike & Myszka Hall and the Sierra Toy Soldier team - Alex, Cody and Sean.

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