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US Navy

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US Navy

Storm over the Yangtse

This first release shows officers and sailors in action as they would have appeared in China during the tumultuous times prior to the Second World War.

During this turbulent period of China’s history the only law, order and stability in the land was provided by the soldiers and sailors of the British and U.S. Navies. Their gunboats patrolled the coastal and river regions of this vast land and did their best, in difficult circumstances, to protect foreigners and missionaries from bandits and marauding warlords.

In this new series portrays many of the same authentic historical and dramatic events as the epic 1967 movie "The Sand Pebbles” starring Hollywood icon Steve McQueen.

Most of our officers and sailors are dressed in tropical "whites” and carry the appropriate side arms… rifles… and machine guns to repel boarders or put ashore a landing party. Just three figures are dressed in their blue winter dress.

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