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World War One

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American Expeditionary Forces
New Series Featuring American Infantry 1918.
Australian Imperial Force Great War 1918
New Series Featuring First Australian Imperial Force 1918.
Australian Light Horse
Australian Light Horse were mounted troops with characteristics of both cavalry and mounted infantry.
British Expeditionary Force

The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) consisted of new British Army Divisions sent to the Western Front in France and Belgium at the outbreak of World War I. Here we feature the “King’s Own Scottish Borderers” - one of Scotland’s most famous Lowland regiments. By King and Country.

British Forces Great War 1918
New Series Featuring The Great War 1918.
First World War Australians
All three fought with distinction at Gallipoli before moving to France and the Western Front and fighting there for the remainder of the war as part of the Australian First Infantry Division.
Flight Stands
These stands have been developed to be used with certain jjD aircraft.
France 1917
Trench Warefare 1917
French Cuirassier
The last hurrah of the elegant French cavalry was World War I.
French Infantry Great War 1918
New Series Featuring French Infantry 1918.
Great War French by First Legion
We have decided to depict the 34th Regiment of Infantry as this regiment is one of the glorious regiments of the French Army dating all the way back to 1625 when it was first formed.
Great War Germans by First Legion
We are pleased the present WWI Germans from the 62nd Infantry Division!
Imperial Russian Army
In late July 1914 when the Imperial Russian Army mobilized it was the largest in the world…over 5,000,000 men
Knights of the Sky
The Aces were the top pilots of each nation who had downed at least 5 enemy aircraft during aerial combat, during WW1.
L'Armee Francaise
"L'Armee francaise" and les Poilus march off to battle, August 1914.
March to Paris

New series based on the early days of World War I. From King and Country.

This page features the latest Thomas Gunn World War One releases
World War One - Somme
Battle of the Somme
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