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World War II Europe

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Afrika Korps
Afrika Korps in 1:30 / 60mm Scale by King and Country.
Afrika Korps by Collectors Showcase
New Series - Centered around the Battle for Tobruk, 1942. Scale 1:30 / 60mm. By Collectors Showcase.
Operation Market Garden - Battle for Arnhem & Nijmegan Bridges - based around the events and last crucial days of the Battle for Arnheim Bridge. From Collectors Showcase.
Atlantic Wall
Hitler’s vaunted “Fortress Europe” was a military propaganda term used by the Germans to describe their occupied areas of Continental Europe. On the “Atlantic Wall” section of their defenses they utilized millions of land mines, thousands of machine guns and many hundreds of artillery guns both in fixed and mobile batteries.
Balkan Campaign
The 13th Waffen SS Mountain Division “Handschar”. Designated a “Mountain” division, it was mostly employed on anti partisan duties in the Balkans.
Battle of the Bulge
The Battle of the Bulge lasted from December 16, 1944 to January 28, 1945 and was the largest land battle of World War II in which the United States participated.
Berlin'38 Leibstandarte
Hitler's Praetorian Guard. LAH was the premier SS Regiment tasked to protect the life of the Fuhrer. It's black-clad, white-belted soldiers were a familiar sight in pre-war Berlin and party rallies at Nuremberg. By King & Country.
Berlin'38 Leibstandarte Military Band
A full 21-piece marching Regimental Band of the premier SS regiment “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”. By King & Country.
British & Canadian Forces
British Commandos and Canadian Forces as they appeared on the beaches of Normandy, June 6, 1944, and at the Battle for Cain. By King & Country.
British 8th Army
British 8th Army in 1:30 / 60mm Scale by King and Country.
British 8th Army by First Legion
British 8th Army Scale 1:32 / 54MM True by First Legion
British and Canadian - D Day'44
British Commandos and Canadian Forces as they appeared on the beaches of Normandy, June 6, 1944, and at the Battle for Cain. By King & Country.
British Commandos
New Series of British Commandos by King and Country
British Eighth Army - Desert Tour of Inspection
In August 1942, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill paid a surprise visit to see the men of the Eighth Army fighting in North Africa.
Russian Cossack cavalry have the distinction of having fought both for and against Stalin’s Red Army.
Das Deutsche Afrika Corps
WWII Afrika Kprps by First Legion
D-DAY '44 - French
New series from King & Country, this first release of “French Forces of the Interior” better known as the “FFI” or “Maquis”.
Fall of Singapore
On February 15,1942, Singapore fell. Once regarded as Britain’s imperial bastion in the Far East its capture by the Japanese was the largest capitulation of British and Empire Forces in either World War. Britain’s own Prime Minister Winston Churchill called it “the worst disaster” and “biggest surrender” in British history. 70 years later few would disagree with either statement.
Fallschirmjager from Collectors Showcase.
German Paratroopers - 60mm (1:30) scale. The first series produced in 1999, flew off the shelves and were a great success. King & Country introduces a new platoon for 2007.

Figarti F30 a new range of 60mm / 1:30 Scale models. This size makes them compatible for use with King & Country, Conte, Collectors Showcase, Honour Bound etc.

Gang of Heroes
In every army, in every war there are always some individuals who are on the lookout for ways to enrich themselves by one way...or another. The U.S. Army was no exception!
German Field Hospital
Based on a German television drama series about 5 young Germans during WW2. "Unsere Mutter Unsere Vater" ("Our Mothers Our Fathers") told the stories of what befell these young people during the years 1941-45.
German WWII
German WWII Tiger Tanks and Horch Vehicles. From Collectors Showcase.
German WWII Winter
German WWII Battle of the Bulge. From Collectors Showcase.
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