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WSP-030 Blackfoot Chief with Warflag

WSP-030 Blackfoot Chief with Warflag
WSP-030 Blackfoot Chief with Warflag
SKU: WSP-030
Released November 2021!
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Price: $129.00
Product Details

The Niitsiapi, also known as the Blackfoot or Blackfeet Indians, were found in the Great Plains of Montana and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Only one of the Niitsitapi tribes were called Blackfoot, or Siksika. The name is said to have come from the colour of the peoples’ moccasins. It is believed that the leather used to make the moccasins came from the soot-stained leather at the top of the wigwam.

Others believe they had dyed or painted the soles of their moccasins black.

Historically, the member peoples of the Blackfoot Confederacy were nomadic bison hunters and trout fishermen, who ranged across large areas of the northern Great Plains of western north America. They followed the bison herds as they migrated between what are now the United States and Canada, as far north as the Bow River. In the first half of the eighteenth century, they acquired horses and firearms from white traders and their Cree and Assiniboine go-betweens. The Blackfoot used these to expand their territory at the expense of neighbouring tribes. One legendary story claimed that the Siksika walked through ashes of prairie fires, which in turn colored the bottoms of their moccasins black.

Like many other Great Plains Indian nation, the Niitsitapi often had hostile relationships with white settlers. Despite the hostilities, the Blackfoot stayed largely out of the Great Plains Indian Wars, neither fighting against nor scouting for the United States army. When the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho were fighting the United States army, they sent runners into Blackfoot territory, urging them to join the fight. Crowfoot, one of the most influential Blackfoot chiefs, dismissed the messengers and threatened to ally with the NWMP to fight them if they came north into Blackfoot country. News of Crowfoot’s loyalty reached Ottawa and from there to London. Queen Victoria praised Crowfoot and the Blackfoot for their loyalty.

The Blackfoot also chose to stay out of the Northwest Rebellion. News of the continued neutrality reached Ottawa, where Lord Lansdowne the governor general, expressed his thanks to Crowfoot again on behalf of the Queen back in London.

Scale 1:30 / 60MM

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