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WIM-008 - Woodland Indians playing Lacrosse (Consign) (SAR)

WIM-008 - Woodland Indians playing Lacrosse (Consign) (SAR)
WIM-008 - Woodland Indians playing Lacrosse (Consign) (SAR)
SKU: WIM-008
Excellent Condition Original box. This set is retired. This is a consignment sale item.
Status: In Stock
Price: $175.00
Product Details

Jesuit missionaries from France in the 17th Century first observed the Huron Indians playing a game. They called it "La Crosse” because the Natives’ sticks resembled the Crosier carried by French Bishops as a symbol of office.

Although the Europeans initially saw the game as savage, they soon began to enjoy watching it and often placed bets among themselves on the winner of a match.

In 1763, Fort Michilimackinac, which the French had relinquished in 1761 to the British following their loss in the French and Indian War, became the site of a dramatic incident involving the sport of Lacrosse.

On June 2nd as part of the larger movement known as Pontiac’s Rebellion, a group of Qjibwe Indians staged a game of Lacrosse outside the fort as a ruse to gain entrance. Whilst the British became absorbed in the game, a party of Indians slipped past the distracted sentries and captured the fort.
After gaining entrance to the fort, they killed most of the British inhabitants and held the fort for a year before the British retook it with the promise of more and better gifts to the native inhabitants of the area.

With the recent release of the Stockade Sets it therefore only seemed appropriate to release a set of Woodland Indians playing Lacrosse!

Limuted Edition of 500

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