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VW002 Seaforth Highlander Kneeling Firing

VW002 Seaforth Highlander Kneeling Firing
VW002 Seaforth Highlander Kneeling Firing
SKU: VW002
Released June 2020! Limited production of only 100 each.
Status: In Stock
Price: $45.00
Product Details

The Second Boer War was fought between the British empire and the Boers who were settlers mainly of Dutch origin living in the South African Republic and the Orange Free State. Initially the Boers were successful and won some notable victories which galvanised the British government to send more troops to the troubled region.

Soldiers from all over the British empire took part in the long bloody conflict including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Eventually through conducting a scorched earth policy, the rounding up of civilians into concentration camps and overwhelming military numbers on the battlefield, led to more and more Imperial victories and eventually the British empire forced the Boers to the negotiating table in 1902. All is fair in love and war as they say.

Our first figures are from the Seaforth Highlanders, who fought in South Africa during this campaign. For those of you who collect this era these troops could also be used in the Sudan and Afghanistan. We will be expanding the series next month with more Highlanders including some epic twin sets and Boers. To follow later in the year will be Australian cavalry and Canadian artillery.

Scale 1:32 / 54MM

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