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The Cowboys

The Cowboys

The real cowboys of the Wild West often found themselves riding endless miles across the open prairie under the burning hot sun or in bad weather, these men were overworked and most often with a low cultural level. The ranges they lived and worked upon could often be a threat to their lives as they were isolated in dangerous places to live in. How they came to be immortalised as an enduring symbol in western mythology can probably be found in the paintings of Frederic Remington and Charles Russell. These artists created the popular romantic vision of the hard working cowhands of the west.

In the first years of the 20th century a myriad of dime western novels and the “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West” show would reinforce the image of the cowboys as the quintessential hero of this western epopee. It is not surprising that westerns were a favourite of Hollywood and television, beginning with the release of the silent movie “The Great Train Robbery” produced in 1903. Although “Westerns” are far from the popularity they enjoyed right up to the early seventies, the lore of the Old West still survives in the minds and hearts of many who miss the feeling of freedom and adventure inherent to Wild West tales and characters. This is the same feeling that has inspired our “Blackhawk” series.

The figures depict several cowboys at work: driving cattle, taming a horse, having breakfast at dawn and handling their precious Winchester rifles and six-shooters. In addition, they have been designed to allow for the creation of many exciting dioramas by combining them all and even including other compatible figures released in previous “Blackhawk” western series

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