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TG-WOW139 Sopwith Triplane Cream Variant (Consign)(GL)

TG-WOW139 Sopwith Triplane Cream Variant (Consign)(GL)
TG-WOW139 Sopwith Triplane Cream Variant (Consign)(GL)
Consignment item in good condition with original packaging.
Status: In Stock
Price: $549.00
Product Details

The Sopwith Triplane was a British single seat fighter aircraft designed and manufactured by the Sopwith Aviation Company during the First World War. It was the first military Triplane to see operational service. The Triplane joined Royal Naval Air Service squadrons in early 1917 and was an immediate success. It was nevertheless built in comparatively small numbers and was withdrawn from active service as Sopwith Camels arrived in the latter half of 1917. Surviving Triplanes continued to serve as operational trainers until the end of the war. The initial “prototype of what was to be referred to simply as the Triplane” first flew on 28 May 1916, with Sopwith test pilot Harry Hawker at the controls. Within three minutes of takeoff, Hawker startled onlookers by looping the aircraft, serial N500, three times in succession The Triplane was very agile, with effective, well-harmonised controls. When manoeuvring, however, the Triplane presented an unusual appearance. One observer noted that the aircraft looked like “a drunken flight of steps” when rolling.

This piece only arrives with the plane.

1/30 scale

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