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Samurai Collection by Del Prado

Samurai Collection by Del Prado

The Samurai Collection by Del Prado

If there is an ultimate military caste, one that has become the reference across generations warriors and soldiers, it must be the Samurai. Rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honour and glory are the seven core virtues of the Bushido, the mythical code of honour dating from The Middle Ages and which still has an influence on soldiers and civilians all over the world.

The figures from this series formed part of a collection that enjoyed great success in Japan. The collection includes the most fascinating characters from the Senguko Jidai (Warring Status). This period, from 1550 until approximately 1602, brought unity to Japan through a series of incredible heroic acts and battles in which the Samurai played an important role. Never again were the Samurai able to show their loyalty to the Bushido or their skills as warriors.

Historical rigour and the quality of the figures are guaranteed by Del Prado expert professor Masako Shirai.

Is a collection made up of 21 figures, each containing the following elements:

  • One figure representing famous Samurai Warrior.
  • Figures may be purchased for $16.99.
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