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SGEN-GW003 William Billy Lee

SGEN-GW003 William Billy Lee
SGEN-GW003 William Billy Lee
Released February 2020!
Status: In Stock
Price: $40.00
Product Details

William “Billy” Lee (1750-1828) was George Washington’s personal assistant and the only one of Washington’s slaves freed immediately by Washington in his will.

Born c.1750, Lee was purchased on May 27th 1768, from the estate of the late Colonel John Lee of Westmoreland County, Virginia for sixty one pounds and fifteen shillings.

William “Billy” Lee served in a variety of roles, including Washington’s valet, where he performed chores such as brushing Washington’s long hair and tying it behind his head. He served at Washington’s side throughout the eight years of the Revolutionary War, including the winter at Valley forge and at the Siege of Yorktown.

According to historian Fritz Hirschfeld, Lee “rode alongside Washington in the thick of battle, ready to hand over to the general a spare horse or his telescope or whatever else might be needed”.

Scale 1:30 / 60mm

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