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ROMCAV-006A Roman Auxiliary Cavalry

ROMCAV-006A Roman Auxiliary Cavalry
ROMCAV-006A Roman Auxiliary Cavalry
Released April 2023!
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Price: $98.00
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Roman Auxilia cavalry were usually heavily armored in mail and armed with a short lance, javelins, the Spatha long sword, and sometimes bows for specialist Horse archer units. These men primarily served as Medium missile cavalry for flanking, scouting, skirmish, and pursuit.

Cavalry units were known as Alae, and were made up of 16 Turmae. A Turmae consisted of 30 troopers, and was commanded by a Decurio, and a second in command called the Duplicarius.

Cavalrymen carried Clipeus , a flat oval or hexagonal shield. These were extremely light, constructed of double or triple thickness plywood, made up of thin strips of birch.

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