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QFCAV-001 - French Corps de Cavalerie

QFCAV-001 - French Corps de Cavalerie
QFCAV-001 - French Corps de Cavalerie
Release October, 2008! Limited Edition of 750.
Status: In Stock
Price: $59.00
Product Details

The Corps de Cavalerie, 1759-1760

This cavalry unit was the first mounted unit to be formed in Canada, and was one of the few cavalry units that took part in the French and Indian war. It existed from May 1759 to September 1760.
It was formed from 200 Canadian volunteers and five French Officers. The unit acted primarily as scouts or couriers for the army during the final campaigns in New France.

There were reported 200 Corps de Cavalerie at The Battle of The Plains of Abraham, under the command of Brig. Gen. Bougainville’s flying column, which was approaching the battle late in the day from Cap Rouge in the south.
Bougainville advanced the cavalry far enough for them to skirmish with Howe’s light infantry, which was positioned to cover the British army’s rear.
Once Bougainville realized that his arrival was too late and the battle was already lost, he withdrew his cavalry and his infantry even before they were to become engaged.

This set presents a trooper of the French Corps de Cavalerie and is wearing the single breasted blue cavalry coat with red collar and cuffs, and a bearskin cap.

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