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PARA010 -- Two inch Mortar Team (Consign)(ST)

PARA010 -- Two inch Mortar Team (Consign)(ST)
PARA010 -- Two inch Mortar Team (Consign)(ST)
Consignment item in good condition with original packaging!
Status: In Stock
Price: $59.00
Product Details

The 2 inch mortar was developed in 1938 with 500 units being available to the British army at the beginning of WW2. The mortar saw service throughout WW2 with several versions being released over the course of the war. Aiming was simply a matter of pointing the mortar in the direction of the enemy and either lowering or raising the barrel to achieve the desired range. Because of the short length of the barrel no bipod was deemed necessary. The 2 inch mortar was finally withdrawn from British army service in the 1980's and as such could be counted as a very successful design that gave excellent service throughout its service history.

Our 2 man sets comes in 2 versions with a 'Red Devil' crew for the Paratroop version. One soldier aims the mortar whilst the second figure waits ready with another round.

The Commando version comes with our figures wearing the famous green beret and Denison smocks which were worn by this elite fighting unit from 1944 onwards.

Limited to 100 pieces each.

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