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PARA003B -- The Prisoner

PARA003B -- The Prisoner
PARA003B -- The Prisoner
Released February 2011! Limited Edition of 200. Ony one remaining!
Status: In Stock
Price: $57.00
Product Details

An Airborne Military Police Sgt searches a captured SS German officer. This version suitable for Normandy and limited to 200 sets worldwide

The inspiration for PARA003 came from a Robert Capa photograph taken in Normandy during 1944. As American troops do not feature in our releases yet it made sense to convert this idea utilizing British troops as the main set piece. These sets come in 2 versions, one suitable for Normandy theatre or the other the Mediterranean theatre.

Robert Capa was a Hungarian combat photographer who notably covered the Spanish Civil War, World War 2 and the French conflict in Indo-China. Some of Capa’s most famous photos were taken on the beaches of D-Day where they were printed in Life magazine. Although ‘slightly out of focus’ these photos have become synonymous with the D-Day landings. After WW2 Capa traveled to Russia with John Steinbeck and took photographs of Moscow and the ruins of Stalingrad. It was during a tour of Vietnam in 1954 that Capa unfortunately stepped on a landmine and was seriously injured, he died a few hours later with his camera still in his hand.

This version suitable for the Italian/Mediterranean campaign.

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