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Napoleonic Collection

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95th Rifles at Waterloo by Britains
The elite 95th Rifles were trained as light infantry to act as skirmishers, sharpshooters and in other less conventional roles.
British 2nd Life Guards
2nd Life Guards saw action in the Peninsula War and Waterloo.
British First Foot Guards
The First Foot Guards at Waterloo. 14 poses that bring this Guard unit to life.
British Napoleonic Generals
A collection of British Napoleonic Generals
The Black Brunswickers were raised in 1809 to fight Napoleon Bonaparte’s occupation of Germany.
French Carabinier
A new collection of French Carabinier. Scale 1:32 / 56 - 58mm
French Curassier
A new collection of French Curassier. Scale 1:32 / 56 - 58mm
Gordon Highlanders
The charge of the 92nd.alongside the horsemen of the Scots Greys (The North British Dragoons) against the French infantry of D'Erlon's Corps
Great Commanders of the Napoleonic War
A collection of 15 miniature characters in 1:18 scale to trace this essential period in world history through the eyes of the men who commanded the armies and navies of the European powers.
Italian Grenadiers of the Guard
In 1804, when Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself ‘Emperor’ of the French Empire, the Italian Republic was similarly transformed, becoming the ‘Kingdom of Italy’ with Napoleon as its monarch.
La Vie de Napoleon
This is new series featuring Napoleon from very young to the end of his life.
Napoleon In Egypt
In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte launched an invasion of Egypt to extend French influence and power in that part of the Mediterranean and to block any overland access to India by the British.
Napoleonic French Leaders
New Collection of French Napoleonic Leaders
Nassau Grenadier
Grenadiers of the 2nd Nassau-Usingen Regiment
Peninsular War 1807-1814
The Peninsular War series will start with the Spanish Guerillas, who could be called the “Woodland Indians” of the Napoleonic period
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