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M-WIN-023 2 Maratha Arab Mercenaries

M-WIN-023 2 Maratha Arab Mercenaries
M-WIN-023 2 Maratha Arab Mercenaries
SKU: M-WIN-023
Released May 2023!
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock, Preorder Now
Price: $90.00
Product Details

An Arab trooper was paid three times as much as a Deccani/Maratha trooper, and even more than a European mercenary. However, their service depended entirely upon the regularity and size of the pay. When arrears mounted, the Arabs turned on their employers till they received their dues. In one instance, the Arab mercenaries even intervened in a political crisis in Baroda state. They imprisoned Maharaja Anandrao Gaekwad and his faction had to invite the East India Company’s army to retake control. The British were aware of the threat posed by the Arab forces — and the Anglo-Maratha wars soon demonstrated how deadly Arab units could be. When Britain finally concluded the Anglo-Maratha wars in 1818, she ensured that the Arab mercenaries were disbanded. The British even paid the arrears so that the Arabs could leave immediately.

Scale 1:30 / 60MM

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