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Grattan Massacre

Grattan Massacre

The Grattan Massacre took place on August 19, 1854. It occurred east of Fort Laramie, Nebraska Territory, USA, when thirty U.S. soldiers and a civilian were killed by Brulé Lakota (Sioux) after one of the soldiers had shot their Chief Conquering Bear in the back.

Grattan and the 30 men with him were quickly wiped out, with Lt. Grattan being one of the first killed. A group of some 18 soldiers did break away in an attempt to reach a small group of rocks so that they could form some sort of a defense, but were cut off and annihilated by warriors led by Red Cloud, then an up and coming war leader within the Sioux. It was an early and significant event in the plains Indian Wars.

This then led to the Battle of Ash Hollow (also known as the Battle of Bluewater Creek) on September 3, 1855, in which U.S. soldiers killed a number of Brulé Sioux.

This series is expected to be of 20 figures, handmade in South Lands workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentiana.

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