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FJ040 Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke

FJ040 Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke
FJ040 Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke
SKU: FJ040
Released November 2018! Limited Edition of 80!
Status: Released, Available For Order
Price: $42.00
Product Details

Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke was a German general of paratroop forces during WW2. He led airborne units in Crete, North Africa, Italy, Russia and during the Normandy 1944 campaign where he commanded the port of Brest. Ramcke was convicted of war crimes after WW2 for the execution of civilians on Crete, he claimed this was in retaliation for the Cretans massacring German Paratroopers as they landed unarmed or were dangling helplessly from trees during the campaign. Ramcke spent several years in captivity and escaped on 2 occasions, once to post letters in protest at his treatment and the other to go and see his family, he handed himself in on both occasions once he considered his mission accomplished! Ramcke remained a committed right wing Socialist and often spoke out about the poor treatment of the Germans by the Allies after the war. Many of his comments at public meetings were considered irresponsible by some and he was lucky not to be returned to prison. He died in 1968 aged 79 years old.

This depiction of Ramcke is of him wearing a Luftwaffe greatcoat whilst also sporting Fallschirmjager green combat trousers and jump boots.

Scale 1:30/ 60mm

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