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Custer Charge at Gettysburg

Custer Charge at Gettysburg

Third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

One of General Custer´s finest hours in the Civil War occured east of Gettysburg. In conjunction with Pickett´s Charge to the west, Robert E. Lee dispatched J.E.B Stuart´s cavalry on a mission into the rear of the Union Army. En route to Little Round Top, Custer encountered the Union cavalry division of Brig. Gen. David McMurtie Gregg, directly in the path of Stuart´s horsemen.

Convinced that the Michigan Brigade could make a difference, Gregg asked him to stay and fight. The contest at East Cavalry Field, lasted well into the afternoon hours capping off Lee´s unsuccessful penetration of Cemetery Ridge. Charges, counter charges and hand-to-hand combat ensued. Drawing the Toledo Blade from its scabbard, Custer rode out front of the troops and led a mounted charge of the 1st Michigan Cavalry, "Come on you Wolverines!" breaking the back of the Confederate assault.

Custer´s brigade lost 257 men at Gettysburg, the highest loss of any Union cavalry brigade. Never before has so much extensive thought and detail gone into recreating the most historically accurate renderings of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade. The crack unit led by Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer and was quite possibly responsible for saving the Union right flank during the 3rd day of fighting at Gettysburg.

Accurately portrayed for the first time is the "Boy General" in his signature Black Velveteen Uniform and Red Tie astride his iron gray thoroughbred "Roanoke" a horse he’d hesitated to use in battle but was forced to when his horse "Harry" was shot from under him the day before at the Battle of Hunterstown.

The Standard Bearer carries the Michigan Cavalry Brigade Guidon often overlooked and stunningly recreated by the master artists and sculptors of Andrea Miniatures.

Joseph Fought the General’s faithful bugler and confidant is portrayed for the first time here bringing a fitting addition to your home or office in these excellent keepsakes that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Collect one or collect them all in this introductory collection entitled "Believe in the Bold" struck for this premiere showing at the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

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