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BR53008 Old Growth Oak Tree, Autumn

BR53008 Old Growth Oak Tree, Autumn
BR53008 Old Growth Oak Tree, Autumn
SKU: BR53008
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Status: In Stock
Price: $110.00
Product Details

Depending on the type, oaks can be considered a medium to tall tree, as many oak trees range anywhere from 60-100 feet tall when fully grown. A fully leafed out, 70 foot oak tree can have a crown spread of 50 feet, and while all crown shapes differ, oak trees all have that distinctively oak, lobed leaf. In autumn these leaves turn from their rich greens to reds and golds, to orange and browns, in some of the most beautiful displays in the forest. With the fall’s change in temperature and loss of daylight, leaves stop their food-making process. The leaf ’s numerous cells contain chlorophyll, which gives the leaf its green color. This chemical absorbs the energy from sunlight and feeds the tree. When the chlorophyll breaks down, the green color disappears, and the show begins.

Scale 1:30 / 56 - 58mm

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