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BR20205 Zulu Chanting

BR20205  Zulu Chanting
BR20205 Zulu Chanting
SKU: BR20205
Released April 2023
Status: In Stock
Price: $48.00
Product Details

Before engaging the enemy a battle chant is commonly employed with its purpose twofold. To arouse aggression and esprit de corps amongst your own side, and intimidate the hostiles on the opposing side. The battle cry is a universal form of behavior practiced by all warriors – most probably since the first stone was thrown or the first stick picked up in anger. In order to overstate one’s potential for aggression, battle cries need to be as loud as possible, and have historically been accompanied by acoustic devices like stamping the ground or the beating of a shield, both methods applied by the Zulu. The battle chants of Zulu warriors (at least portrayed in the movies) was “Uzu” which is interpreted as the word for “kill.”

Scale 1/30, Matte Finish

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