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ACCPACK059A German 7.5cm Cannon (Leichtes Infanteriegeshutz 18)

ACCPACK059A German 7.5cm Cannon (Leichtes Infanteriegeshutz 18)
ACCPACK059A German 7.5cm Cannon (Leichtes Infanteriegeshutz 18)
Released December 2020!
Status: In Stock
Price: $110.00
Product Details

German light infantry 7.5cm cannon with crew figure.

The Leichtes Infanteriegeshutz 18 was one of the standard infantry cannons of the German army during WW2 which along with the Pak 36 saw continuous service from the beginning to the final days of the conflict. Although superseded by more powerful artillery pieces as the war progressed, the easy handling and maneuverability of this versatile artillery piece, ensured it stayed in service for the duration of the war with infantry units who appreciated its rugged construction and reliability.

There are photographs of this very cannon being towed by an SdKfz 251 in the attempted breakout from Berlin in May 1945, unfortunately the occupants of the Sdkfz 251 were caught by artillery fire at the junction of Friedrichstrasse & Karlstrasse and all perished at the same time. It does not get much more late war service than that!

Development of the cannon began in 1927 and initially came with wooden spoked wheels to facilitate being drawn by horses. However with the development of the motorized German army division, pneumatic tyres were added to later versions. There were light weight versions for the mountain and airborne troops which could be broken down into smaller loads.

Our much improved newly tooled variant comes with SS soldier kneeling to reload the cannon, spare ammo case, three spent cannon shells and three unused cannon shells.

Limited to 100 in number..

Scale 1:30/ 59mm

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