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14BRK-005 Line Infantry Marching

14BRK-005 Line Infantry Marching
14BRK-005 Line Infantry Marching
SKU: 14BRK-005
Released September 2021!
Status: In Stock
Price: $43.00
Product Details

At their time of their muster into Federal service, the men were promised by no less a figure then General Irvin McDowell, that they could use the number “14”. Officially, however the regiment bore the number “84” on the roster of New York volunteer regiments, and there was in fact another regiment called the 14th New York Volunteers.

This situation always annoyed the officers and men of the Fourteenth, and throughout the unit’s civil war career, use of the number “84” was scrupulously avoided. All correspondence, payrolls, and reports were headed “14th New York State Militia”, while the regiment commonly referred to itself, and was commonly known throughout the army, as the “14th Brooklyn”.

Scale 1:30 / 60MM

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