King & Country – Battle of the Bulge In Stock Now!

  • BBA030 — “M3A2 Half-Track” K&C’s first all-new U.S. Half-Track for a few years and one of the most often requested. This classic armoured troop transport served U.S. Forces and their Allies loyally throughout the War and even into the late 1970’s (with the Israeli Army). Our GI version comes complete with a driver and a standing .50 calibre machine gunner and his crew-served weapon. This winter-version also has a detachable canvass cover for the troop compartment. A towing hook at the rear of his vehicle is also suitable for pulling.
  • BBA031 — “The 105mm Field Gun Set” A superb model of the most famous field piece of the U.S. Army in WW2. Our “105” has rolling wheels, moveable trail arms plus 3 gunners to fire the artillery piece. The barrel is in a fixed position for firing and transporting.
  • BBA032 — “Artillery Add-On Set” 2 additional Artillerymen are also available to crew-serve this great field piece. In addition we also supply extra ammo boxes and a pile of shell tubes (used for carrying the rounds).
  • BBA033 — “U.S. Artilleryman” A lone “Gunner”, rifle slung “humps” three more tubes of rounds forward to the guns.
  • BBA034 — “Kneeling with Field Telephone” A kneeling corporal listens for a “fire order” and grid coordinates for his buddies about to shell an enemy location.
  • BBA035 — “Winter Motorcycle MP” A long overdue addition to our U.S. Forces and our first new MP on a motorcycle for many years. This MP is on the road, somewhere in Belgium or Luxembourg giving out directions (as MP’s like to do). He’s well-wrapped against the winter weather as well!
  • BBA036 — “Half-Track Passengers” A really great little 3-man grouping… Two sitting GI’s and their Nazi Prisoner. These guys can be seated in a variety of ways inside our new Half-Track or posed outside in a display or diorama, very useful!

Battle of the Bulge

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