Thomas Gunn April Releases

The French Foreign Legion

A few more additions to the FFL range in the form of a ‘C Version’ from last months releases in very limited numbers wearing Pith hats. The Pith hat was very common headwear in the Legion from the late 1800 onwards and despite Hollywood’s
best efforts to portray Legionnaires only wearing Kepis, this is not historically accurate. We have therefore made FFL 17/18/19/24 all in Pith hats with FFL16 HMG set also to follow in this format. These figures will make an interesting addition to your fighting square/ firing line and give it that extra touch of authenticity. Please note that very shortly we expect to see more Tuareg’s make an appearance to balance things out slightly. Designs have been submitted to the sculptor and will be ready soon.

French Foreign Legion

African Wars

Another successful series for us with some great looking additions this month as below.  Some mounted figures and personalities to follow shortly but as they say loose lips sink ships so no more information at present! However I can announce that a remake of SFA001 is on its way with a whole host of other redcoats which will be available in May/June 2014.

  • SFA004 — Running 60th Rifles – Our first Zulu War 60th Rifles release with many more to follow. Two soldiers charging and dressed in their distinctive green uniforms with black webbing, the 60th Rifles will make a great addition to your Zulu War battlefield diorama. Limited to 100 in number.
  • SFA007 — British Infantry firing downwards – Switching back to the more traditional 24th Regiment of Foot we have 2 firing downwards riflemen. These will look great on top of a building or firing down from the William Britain’s sandbag redoubt, which is still available from us. Limited to 100 in number.

African Wars

The Great War

  • GW019A — Corporal York – Moving on with the Americans we are delighted to introduce Cpl Alvin York in action winning his Medal of Honour for action in France. York’s unit the 328th Infantry Regiment was a member of the 82nd All American Division, the forerunners of the now world famous 82nd Airborne Division. During this action York along with 7 other members of his platoon managed to capture 132 Germans, kill 28 more and take possession of 32 machine guns. York seemed to lead a charmed life during this engagement and despite having a German officer empty his pistol at York, whilst York was busy shooting 6 Germans with his pistol, all the German officers shots missed! The
    German officer then promptly offered to surrender along with the remainder of his men. After the engagement York was promoted to Sgt and went onto worldwide fame. We have limited this edition of York to 100 in number.
  • GW020A — Sergeant Early – Sgt Early was the platoon leader during the engagement but was wounded forcing York to take command. Our all action ‘All American’ figure shows Early about to throw a grenade, limited to 100 in number.
  • GW021A — Private Percy Beardsley – Lying in the prone position Beardsley provides covering fire during the epic action. Limited once more to 100 in number.
  • GW022A — Private Fred Waring – Unfortunately Waring was one of the platoon casualties during the assault and did not make it back ‘Stateside.’ Our depiction of Waring is limited to 100 in number

We have made a B version of all of the above American figures wearing gasmasks and as such can be used in any late war action featuring American troops. I am not sure if any American troops have been made in 1/30 scale wearing gasmasks so these will make a very unique offering for sure!

Priced as per the A versions and once more limited to 100 in number. More 82nd ‘All American’ troops are in the pipeline, enabling you to build a full battle scene in the near future. An American aircraft is also planned to accompany this series and should be available very soon.

World War One

World War 2

  • SS037 — Maiale manned torpedo – Developed by the Italians prior to WW2 and used with some success against British warships in Alexandria harbour, with 3 British ships being badly damaged during the action. Other raids were not so successful but the British thought there was enough merit in the idea to copy the Maiale and renamed it ‘Chariot’ where they also had some minor successes.
    The Germans trained with their Italian Allies on the Maiale, but decided to develop their own manned torpedo which they named the Neger, used with limited success during the latter stages of the war. Two Axis Diver figure compliment the set and as such rarely seen in 1/30 scale. One of them features Friederich
    Hummel an SS officer awarded the Knights Cross for his actions as a diver during the Allied Market Garden operation. Hummel trained with the Italians from their base outside Venice during WW2 and here we depict him suiting up for another training mission. Limited to 130 in number. A British version will be available later on in the year for all you Allied fans.
  • SS042 — Politzei Staff Car – A wartime variant of our recently released BER009 staff car, this time complete with SS driver and plenty of mud! Vehicle also comes with a spare steering wheel in order that the driver can be removed and displayed without driver if required. Will make a great accessory as a standalone piece or with the Feldgendarmerie officer from V007! A guardhouse, barrier and plenty of other accessories are due to follow for this series in the near future. Limited to 100 in number
  • V007A — Light Staff Car 1937 Model Normandy – A beautiful little staff car complete with driver and a Wehrmacht Feldgendarmerie officer waiting patiently to see the drivers papers. This product is the first vehicle from our new factory and is a very high quality product. The A version comes in a late war 3 tone camouflage pattern with the benefit of rotating wheels. Limited to 100 in number. The B version  comes in a fantastic looking winter camouflage whitewash over grey, with SS officer and is limited to 100 in number. Our final ‘C Version’ comes in a desert colour scheme and is limited to 50 in number. All of these models are beautifully made and as such will take Thomas Gunn into a new era of quality not seen before.
  • V007B — Light Staff Car 1937 Model Winter
  • V007C — Light Staff Car 1937 Model Desert

WWII German forces

Club Figure

The Carabinieres were famous in Belgian for their dark green coats and black webbing, much like other Rifle Regiments around the world. This uniform was quickly replaced in 1915 when the reality of trench warfare and even basic cloth shortages made such beautiful pre-war uniforms untenable. Our Carabiniere proudly marches off to war with his French and British Allies to take on the Hun! More Belgians to follow and also some Eastern Front figures later on in the year as the war slowly spreads around the globe! Please note a yellow line has now been added down the side of the trousers, the above photo is a preproduction shot and has not been amended yet.

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