John Jenkins Future Releases – March Announcement

COMING SOON!…..a sample of some of the offerings coming this spring and summer! The following releases are all in production. I hope there will be something for everyone?

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  • British Medium Tank, Mark C, “Hornet” – More Great War armour, and artillery pieces are on the way! The British Medium Tank, Mark C, “Hornet” will also be on display at the London show

  • 35th Regiment of Foot will be Marching Grenadiers
  • French Regulars – There will be plenty of New French Regulars, suitable for Ticonderoga, as well as the Seven Years War in Europe.
  • Roth Wurzburg Infantry Regiment – to defend the Gateway at Leuthen
  • British Artillery crews – Suitable for both the War of 1812 and the Penninsular War.
  • Woodland Indians

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