John Jenkins Collectors Club March 2013 – Update

Collectors Club

  • JJCLUB-SET#15 — Roger’s ServantSTATUS –IN PRODUCTION, DELIVERY APPROX MAY 2013 – Limited Edition (232)
    Rogers’ servant had been with him for many years. During the Battle of Snowshoes they became separated, and the servant found himself travelling with Captain Henry Pringle, and Lieutenant Boyle Roche. Pringle wrote that during the retreat , “one night the servant, straggled from us, where he sat down, fell asleep and died immediately, tho a very strong man.”
  • JJCLUB-SET#16 — English Travelling Blacksmith’s ForgeSTATUS –IN PRODUCTION, DELIVERY APPROX. MAY 2013 – Limited Edition (221)
    In Ideal situations, each British field artillery battery would have a travelling forge. The forgehad to be light and portable, in order to be able to properly repair any carriage or artillery piece that had become disabled.

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