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New Announcement! Releases Expected In November.

  • ATW001A — 60mm Mortar Team (All American) — Featuring our first American Airborne troops from the 82nd Airborne Division (The All Americans), taking their 60mm mortar into action against the enemy! The loader and aimer both look away as another round leaves the chamber, these 2 were in such a rush to get into action the loader is still wearing his drop gloves!
    Comes with 2 figures, mortar and mortar ammo box this has to be a first for 1/30th scale!
    Planned production run is limited to 180 sets in this version.
  • ATW001B — Last of the Mohicans (101st Airborne) — The B version crew are sporting Mohican hair cuts with war paint and wear the unit colours of the 101st Airborne, this version limited to 120 sets and is titled ‘Last of the Mohicans’. Both versions priced at $69 each and probably not around for long so grab them whilst you can.
  • GEB001 — Gebirgsjager Sniper (Winter) — Our first of hopefully many Gebirgsjager troops! This SS mountain trooper takes aim at an unfortunate Allied soldier, sometime during the Battle of the Bulge Campaign in late 1944.
    Limited to 200 sets in this version and priced at $32.
  • GEB009 — Gebirgsjager Sniper (Spring) — Our latest Gunn Club figure featuring an SS mountain trooper dressed as he would have appeared in spring 1945, limited to 100 sets worldwide.
  • SS021A — SS Infantry Squad (Winter) — Comprising 2 SS soldiers in winter gear, the officer takes aim with his MP40 whilst the other foot slogger hurriedly reloads his rifle.
    Limited to 200 sets in this version.
  • SS021B — SS Infantry Squad (Spring) — The B version figures come in a popular Spring 1945 colour scheme and is limited to 100 sets worldwide, both versions priced at $64 each.
  • SS027A — German ZB30 MG Team (Winter) — Another first in 1/30th scale so far as I am aware! 2 SS infantry men manning their Czech ZB30 machine gun, the gunner takes careful aim whilst the number 2 waits with a fresh magazine. Comes with 2 figures both dressed in typical uniform for the winter period, with one man carrying a bag containing fresh magazines and the other with a canvas bag containing spare MG parts. The ZB30 was made in Czechoslovakia and was popular with SS infantry and SS police units, especially when the MG34 was not readily available. It was still in use at the wars end which was a testament to its reliability and durable construction. Enfield made the British version of this machine gun which went onto worldwide fame as the Bren for those of you wondering about the similarity between the two guns!
    Limited to 200 sets worldwide in this version.
  • SS027B — German ZB30 MG Team (Spring/Summer) — The B version will suit any diorama for Western Europe from Spring thru to Autumn and is limited to 100 sets worldwide, both versions priced at a competitive $69.

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