King & Country December Releases

Medieval – Crusaders

“Long Live the King!” French royalty and nobility played an important role in all of the Crusades… fighting alongside and sometimes leading the armies of Christendom in their mighty struggle to regain the Holy Land. Here are the first three French crusaders.

  • MK084 — King Philip II of France — Philip went on the “Third Crusade” (1189-1192) with Richard the Lionheart of England. His army captured the important citadel of Acre in 1191 before ill-health forced his return to France.
    This K&C mounted figure shows him greeting his soldiers and wearing the traditional blue surcoat decorated with the royal “fleur de lys”.
  • MK085 — The King’s Banner Knight — Carrying the King’s personal standard this mounted Knight follows closely behind his “liege-lord”.
  • MK088 — Royal Man-at-Arms with Banner — Another of King Philip’s retainers… this one from the King’s own household troops and carrying a smaller version of the Royal Banner.

Medieval Collection


December sees the release of K&C’s latest warbird… the Messerschmitt Bf.109 “Emil”… together with a pair of refueling carts and two well-known German air aces.

  • LW034 — Airfield Refueling Carts — These two hand-drawn carts were a familiar sight on Luftwaffe airfields through the Second World War… From Benghazi to Stalingrad… and all points in between!
  • LW044 — Werner Molder’s Messerschmitt Bf109 “Emil” — This “E” model 109 is in the personal markings of Oberst Werner Molders, one of Germany’s most famous and highly decorated fighter aces.
    Molders, who had previously flown in the Spanish Civil War would go on to have 115 “kills” to his credit before himself being killed in an air crash in 1941. The aircraft we have portrayed is one Molders flew when he took command of JG51 in July 1940. At that time he was the Luftwaffe’s youngest “Kommodore”. His best friend was another top German ace… Adolf Galland.Just 500 of this particular aircraft are being produced.
  • LW046 — Oberst Leutnant Gunther Lntzow — Another of Germany’s leading fighter pilots.
  • LW047 — Kommodore Helmet Wick — Wick achieved 56 victories before and during the Battle of Britain…Promoted to “Kommodore” and given command of JG2 he was shot down and drowned in the English Channel in November 1940.


Diorama Collection

Bell tents made their first military appearance during the campaigns in the Americas at the time of the Revolution. Since then they have proved invaluable during the Napoleonic Wars… The Crimea… The American Civil War… a host of Colonial Wars and Battles (including Isandlwhana) and both First and Second World Wars… They even showed up during the Falklands War of 1982!!! Used as a
single or in multiples they can help transform any tented area in a display or diorama… see for yourself.

Diorama and Scenic Building Collection

Australian Light Horse

This is one of K&C’s most popular military ranges and… one of the most original. Its popularity now allows us to have 2 sets of releases in the year instead of
just one!

  • AL027 — Australian Staff Officer — Major Jack Haldane, a staff officer belonging to Gen. Chauvel’s Light Horse H.Q. observe the Turkish defenses at Beersheba.
  • AL028 — General Sir Edmund Allenby — Commander-in-Chief of all British and Empire Forces in the Middle East. Allenby was a first-class soldier and leader and popular with the Australians who were normally “dismissive” of British “top brass”. Here, he is mounted on his favorite charger “Ajax” and wearing the typical British pith helmet. Allenby was also much admired by T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia).
  • AL029 — Mtd. Sir Harry Chauvel — Chauvel was the first Australian to become a Lieutenant General and command an entire Army Corps. At Beersheba his Light Horse captured the town and confirmed his military reputation for boldness and daring. Quiet and reserved he continued to serve Australia until his death in 1945.
  • AL030 — Heliograph Set — In a war where the wireless and telephone were still in their infancy the ancient method of signaling by reflected sunlight was still valued. Here two Light Horse signalers are at work… reading the signals coming in and preparing to reply.

Australian Light Horse

Streets of Old Hong Kong

  • HK191 — The Chinese Gateway — A superb rendition of a traditional three-entrance gateway seen all over China with several examples in Hong Kong. Beautifully crafted and painted.
  • HK194G — Paper Windmill Stall (Gloss) — Another common sight in what was old Hong Kong… Particularly at Chinese Folk Festivals such as the Autumn Moon Festival and Summer Solstice.
  • HK194M — Paper Windmill Stall (Matt) — Another common sight in what was old Hong Kong… Particularly at Chinese Folk Festivals such as the Autumn Moon Festival and Summer Solstice.


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