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American Civil War Generals

American Forces WWII

  • CS00545 — American Searching Prisoner
  • CS00546 — German Prisoners Style 1
  • CS00547 — German Prisoners Style 2
  • CS00548 — American Over watching Prisoners

American Force WWII

CS00549 -- Jagdpanther Normandy

German WWII

  • CS00549 — Jagdpanther Normandy
  • CS00581 — Jagdpanther Riders Normandy
  • CS00582 — Jagdpanther Cimbers in Normandy

German WWII

CS00550 -- Jagdpanther Winter

Battle of the Bulge

  • CS00550 — Jagdpanther Winter
  • CS00551 — German Tank Climbers Bulge
  • CS00552 — German Tank Riders Bulge

German WWII Winter

Hitler Staff Car

Berlin 1938

  • CS00526 — Hitler Staff Car – Mercedes 770k Limousine — The new Mercedes 770k Limousine is the first of its kind in the industry. Perfectly scaled for the 60mm figure it features: Mussolini, Goering, Driver and a Hitler figure that comes with a base for multi-use, also an opening and closing door. This is a limited edition 300 series and once it’s sold out, that’s the end.

Berlin 1938: Reichkanzlei Barracks

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