New Announcements From Figarti

New Announcement From The Chicago Show.

We had the opportunity at the show to see all the new releases and they were
superb. Done in the true Figarti style of being over engineered, but the detail and effort that went into
each one was plain to see.
The aircraft, wagons and of course the Tiger 1 were the big hits, but the detail and quality of finish made each release outstanding.


  • DAK-004 — Desert 15 cm Howitzer
  • ETG-065 — German 15 cm Howitzer
  • ETG-068 — Tiger I Early Production
  • ETG-073 — German 6 Horse Artillery Limber
  • ETG-074 — German Supply Wagon
  • PTJ-001 — Type 95 Light Tank Bunker
  • RMG-006 — Nashorn Tank Destoyer Riders

V2 and German Railway

  • ETG-013 — V2 Vidalwagon with Hanomag Tractor
  • ETG-019 — Fries Gantry Crane
  • ETG-040 — Train Car Mounting Block for V2




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