King & Country – WWII – German Luftwaffe – Arriving this week!

To begin the New Year King & Country introducing the latest “Warbird”, the revolutionary Messerschmitt 262, the world’s first jet-powered fighter aircraft. Plus, some extra Luftwaffe pilot and ground crew figures.

  • LW036 — Adolph Galland’s Me.262 – In March 1945 General Der Jagdflieger Adolph Galland was tasked to form a brand-new fighter unit, JV44 that would fly the Me262. Originally conceived as a “pure fighter” the design and concept had been altered by Hitler himself to become a “fighter/bomber”… Ace pilots like Galland (104 “kills”) were aghast but had no choice in the matter… They were expected to be able to take on the British, American and Russians as “fighters” one day and “fighter bombers” the next.This model shows Galland in “White Three” with two 500kg.bombs slung under the forward fuselage.

    This is the biggest and heaviest “Warbird” yet! Just 600 are being produced.

  • LW037 — Luftwaffe Ground Crew – Three very useful Luftwaffe support staff that can be used to perform a wide variety of different airfield tasks.
  • LW038 — Major Rudolf “Rudi” Sinner – “Rudi” Sinner originally flew with Marseille in North Africa and achieved 39 confirmed victories, including two flying the Me.262.
  • LW039 — “Coffee Break” – Two more enjoy some ersatz coffee… after a mission… Oberfeldwebel Heinz Arnold (42 “kills”) and Unteroffizier Edouard Schallmoser who gained a dubious reputation as a “Rammjager” for his dangerous habit of deliberately ramming enemy aircraft… with his own. He did not survive the war.
  • LW040 — Hauptmann Anton “Toni” Hackl – “Toni” Hackl is on telephone duty waiting for the call to “scramble”. Hackl is credited with 192 enemy aircraft and was himself shot down 8 times.
  • LW041A — Major Walter “Nowi” Novotny – “Nowi” Novotny was one of Germany’s top air aces with a staggering 258 “kills” to his credit. At the end of the war he also commanded his own 262 squadron.
  • LW041B — Major Heinz Bar – Earlier in mid 2010 K&C featured Heinz Bar flying his Focke Wulf 190. This new seated figures shows him relaxing prior to a combat mission. Of his wartime “tally” of 220 “kills” Heinz Bar shot down 16 while flying a 262.
  • LW042 — Galland’s Crew Chief – Leaning over the cockpit of the 262 is Galland’s personal crew chief making sure everything and everyone is ready to fly.


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