Figarti – New Releases For June 2010!

Red Bull Express – New! Expected in June 2010!

The Red Ball Express was an enormous convoy system created by Allied forces to supply their forward-area combat units moving through Europe following the breakout from the D-Day beaches in Normandy. The term “Red Ball” was a railroad phrase referring to express shipping. The system lasted only three months, from August 25 to November 16, 1944, when the port facilities at Antwerp, Belgium were opened.

  • ETA-015 — Red Ball Express – GMC Deuce and a half
  • ETA-016 — U.S. Fuel Truck – GMC CCKW 353 fuel truck
  • ETA-018 — Red Ball Mechanics
  • ETA-019 — Take Cover!
  • ETA-029 — Ambushed MP Jeep
  • ETA-031 — Keep’em Rolling! – Red Ball Highway sign & single figure



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