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Battle on the Monongahela, 1755

  • BM-022 — 44th Regiment of Foot, British Line Infantry, Wounded Set #1

Of the 1,300 men Braddock led into battle, 456 were killed outright and 422 were reported wounded.
Commissioned officers were prime targets and suffered greatly: out of 86 officers, 26 were killed and 37 wounded.
Of the 50 or so women that accompanied the British column as maid, cooks and necessary women only 4 returned with the British—with around half being taken as captives.
The French reported very few casualties.

Battle on the Monongahela, 1755

Jacobite Rebellion, 1745

  • JR-017 — Combat Set #4 – Highlander and British Line Infantry Defending.

Barrell’s was one of the few regiments to see off their attackers at Falkirk, which meant they were more prepared to face the Highland onslaught than many other regiments. It is also reported that the sight of the attacking Highlanders stumbling and tripping over each other in the marshy terrain, helped the redcoats to suppress any immediate panic.

Cumberland’s own official account of the battle pays tribute to the 4th Regiment of foot.
“That general Barrell’s regiment gained the greatest reputation imaginable”

This month sees the release of the fourth hand to hand set.

Jacobite Rebellion

Battle of Chippewa

Suitable for use in virtually any Napoleonic Ballefield where British Artillery was being used.

The clash of infantry against infantry was the most important aspect of Napoleonic battles.

The technological advances of the period had made the artillery the most powerful arm in battle. The main part of the weapon was the gun, basically an elongated metal cylinder open at the muzzle end. A charge of powder and a projectile were loaded into the hollow centre or bore of the gun, and when the charge was ignited the resulting explosion propelled the projectile out the muzzle toward the target.
Guns were designated by the weight of the round shot they fired. The most common and useful gun in the War of 1812 was the 6-pdr.

The 6pdr round shot had a fearsome effect. At 600-700 yards under optimum conditions, it could cut through nineteen men or seven feet of earth.

Battle of Chippewa

JJ Collectors Club – May Update – New Club Figure – Updated
Battle on Snowshoes

As the Monongahela Series is now back in production with the new 44th British Line Infantry sets, the next couple of Collectors’ Club Special sets will be for the Battle On Snowshoes Series.

The first set will be two French officers. Ensign Durantaye of the Companies Franches de La Marine, was the officer who led the advance party of 95 men, most of whom were Indians. They had set out approximately 15 minutes before Langy, and Richelieu who were with the main force of 200 French marines and Canadian Militia.

  • JJCLUB-SET#4 — Battle On Snowshoes 1758, 2 French Officers Ensign Durantaye, and Cadet Richelieu – Pre-order period ends June 1, 2010.

Please Note Pre-order period ends July 1, 2010.

Battle on Snowshoes

Collectors Club

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