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The 1st (Emperor Alexander) Guards Grenadiers were an elite infantry regiment of the Guards Corps within the Prussian army and a Guards Grenadier regiment of the Imperial German army.

The regiments tradition dates back to 1626 when the regiment was established during the 30 years war as a permanent mercenary unit. The 1st Grenadier regiment was formed towards the end of the Naploeonic wars in 1814 by Fredeick WIlliam 111 of Prussia and named in honour of Alexander 1 who was its first Colonel in Chief.

The regiment later saw action in the Franco-Prussian war and also during WW1.

Thomas Gunn are proud to introduce this new range of figures resplendent in their parade uniforms, with officers, drummers and flag bearers to accompany these in the near future, much like we have done with the Pavlowski grenadiers. As the uniforms for this regiment date for the period 1900-1914 we have included them in the GW series for file reference.


WWI German


WWII Allied

The Super Snipe was introduced by Humber in October 1938, it was derived by combining the four litre engine from the Humber Pullman with the chassis of the Humber Snipe. The enhanced power made the Super Snipe a fast car for its day, capable of reaching 79 MPH. The design is attributed to American engineer Delmar Roos, something of a engineering genius who worked for Studebaker at one time.

The Super Snipe was marketed to upper-middle-class managers, professional people and government officials. It was relatively low-priced for its large size and performance, and was similar to American cars in appearance, concept and in providing value for money.

Within a year of introduction, WW II broke out in Europe, however the car continued in production as a military staff car. The Car as a 4-seater 4×2, while the same chassis was used for the Humber armoured reconnaissance car. The Humber was generally used by higher ranking officers and as such we have decorated ours in the colours and markings of one of Britains most famous Field Marshalls Bernard Montgomery. However it will fit well in any diorama be it Normandy, the middle eastand the far east.

The A and C versions are in a middle east/Italian front colour scheme and the B and D versions in a NW Europe/far east olive drab colour scheme. Monty nicknamed the Desert vehicle ‘Old Faithful’ and once he left for Europe it was used by various other British officers, it now stands in the Imperial War Museum where it has just undergone a major renovation.


WWII German

An SS infanteer with ammunition bandolier and ammunition case stands on parade, works as a great accompaniment to the previous SS parade figures we released last month.


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