New First Legion November Releases

Napoleonic – Prussian

Be it at the battles of Lutzen, Bautzen, Dresden, Leipzig or any of ther other battles in the 1813-1814 campaigns, or all the way through the 100 days atLigny, Wavre, and Waterloo, the Prussian Army was constantly present and bent on revenge for the humilation of the 1807 Treaty at Tilsit. Our first release for the Prussian Army was the Musketeers of the 11th Line (2nd Silesian) Infantry Regiment chosen because they were one of the few regiments which carried their standard with them at Waterloo. With these figures now nearly sold out, we have since added the 2nd Brandenberg Artillery and are pleased to present our latest release, the 3rd Battalion of the Silesian Landwehr. These figures are appropriate for Waterloo and for the 1813 Campaign as well where we have created 4 different standards for them.


Unpainted Model Kit

75mm Unpainted Metal Figure Kit for modellers and collectors from the Unpainted Figure Kits

Unpainted Metal Kits – Scale 60mm and 75mm

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