New Thomas Gunn May / June Releases!


We have a beautiful all metal Onager with four crew figures that can be used in a variety of settings. Because these legionnaires are not being used in a formation setting we could individualise them a little more than we normally do, hope you like the little touches these figures have. There will be more crew to follow later on in the year please note.

Glory of Rome

Ancient Egyptians

The start of a mini series featuring the Ancient Egyptians in the time of Ramses, a Pharaoh who ruled Egypt around 1300 BC during what is now known as the 19th Dynasty. Ramses is still considered one of the most successful Pharaohs of his time and established Egyptian military control in parts of Canaan, Nubia and most spectacularly at Qadesh where he defeated the Hittite King Muwatallis despite being ambushed, Ramses rescued victory from the jaws of defeat and crushed the Hittites. During the early part of his reign Ramses also defeated the Sea People who were ravaging ships travelling to Egypt and plundering their cargoes. Our first four figures comprise a scene from this historic defeat where the King of the Sea People was executed along with other elite officials. However, his soldiers who had so impressed Ramses during the battle, were pressed into service with the Egyptian army where willing or executed along with their King. Later on in this series we will produce an Egyptian chariot as well as some fighting Egyptians and more enemies of Egypt to combat them.

Enemies of Rome


Our first Russian for the Napoleonic wars and also from one of the elite regiments, the Pavlovski Grenadiers. This regiment was one of the few allowed to keep their old style Mitre hats following uniform changes from early to the later empire uniform regulations. After the 1812 campaign they were made part of the Russian Imperial Guard, a great honour for a Line Grenadier Regiment.

NAP045 our first Grenadier will be the first parade style Grenadiers released before we move onto action and fighting poses.

The master for this figure was painted in Russia and we hope the extra cost was worth it for what is a great looking figure. These Russian Napoleonic’s should fit in nicely size-wise with your First legion Russians.


World War One

World War One

WWII Allied

  • GB009 Bantam Jeep – Mickey Mouse
  • CLUB024 Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery – Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery as he should be done. A fine looking figure with the master for this piece commissioned in Russia. Montgomery as most history buffs willl know commanded the 8th Army to victory at El Alemein and led British forces during the Normandy campaign. He was famous for sporting 2 badges on his beret and we have faithfully captured his unique look in this great looking figure.

WWII Allied Forces

WWII Pacific

WWII Pacific

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