New Thomas Gunn April Releases!


One more Hoplite to add to your collection, this time wearing a striking Corinthian style helmet and a bronze cuirass. SPA036 Spartan standing ready – can be used as a sentry, on parade or in a group formation. The A version comes with a Spartan Lambda shield, the Greek B version with a Medusa head on a black background and the Greek C version with a Centaur on a red background.



Moving onto the Romans which is by far our most popular series, we have 2 new Imperial Romans for you to add to your collection. Next month should see the release of our Carthaginian elephant with crew and a Roman Velite to tackle it!

A Roman Onager is also set to follow and a few more surprises we hope you will like including some Praetorians.

Our last Roman this month comprises a new sentry ROM091 in scale armour as the last sentry variant now sold out. Scale armour was used throughout the Imperial era as well as chain mail and Sementa armour.

As a test run we have made a small number of these figures in the 1st Minerva and 6th legion variants. If demand warrants we can make more but at present we only have 50 of each of these in stock. If you like these new shield designs let us know and we can add more figures from our Roman range with these unique shield types. For those of you interested in the history, The 1st Minerva were raised in 82 AD by the Emperor Domitian and were based in Germany. They took part in the Dacian wars under Hadrian and are recorded on Trajan’s column. Records still show them being based in Germany in the 4th century but like many units their end is not recorded with the disintegration of the Roman empire. Their shield design featured the Goddess Minerva on a white background, probably our most attractive shield design so far.

The 6th ‘Ironclad’ Legion were raised during Republican times probably in Spain under Pompey and were then based mainly in Judea, where like the 1st Legion their records disappear around 4 AD. The 6th legions shield design featured a Bull on a green background, depicting their Spanish heritage.

Glory of Rome

Persians and Immortals

Some more Persians to add to your army with plenty more to follow soon in fighting poses. This first batch are more of a sentry style or waiting to go into battle. We had help from Thomas Shydler on the technical uniform aspects for these Persians and would like to thank him publically for all his efforts. I have also attached a picture of XE016 sculpt featuring a charging Immortal warrior so you can see what is coming in the near future.
Focussing on this months release we have XE011 a Persian heavy infanteer beautifully attired, possibly from Lydia with scale armour and metal helmet.

The Immortals were a standing force of 10,000 warriors assigned to guarding the Emperor and carrying out military actions at his behest. Should a warrior be killed then he was immediately replaced thereby keeping the units number of 10,000 warriors complete, hence the name ‘Immortals’.

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