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Robin Hood

Two more of the Sherrif of Nottingham’s men that intend to make life miserable for Robin Hood & His Merrie Men… providing that is they can catch them first.
No easy or simple task considering they will have to enter the dark green woods that are Sherwood Forest.

Robin Hood

Life of Jesus

  • LoJ045 Water into Wine – The transformation of water into wine is the first miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John.
    According to the Gospel, Jesus, his mother and the disciples were attending a wedding feast when the wine ran out… Jesus then ordered the servants to fill large jars with water and then serve some to the Chief Steward of the house where the feast was being held.
    Both the Steward and then the guests remarked on how good this ‘new’ wine was. John in his Gospel says, “Jesus did this, the first of his signs, and it revealed his glory and his disciples believed in him.”
    Our small set shows Jesus instructing a young servant to pour water into the large wine jars.
  • LoJ046 Woman & Baby – A young Jewish woman cradles a baby in her arms.
  • LoJ047 The Crippled Beggar – Poverty and sickness were never far away in The Holy Land at this time as this sitting beggar proves. Holding his bowl out this man asks for alms from a passerby.
  • LoJ048 Woman Carrying Bread – A woman makes her way home from the market carrying a tray of freshly-baked bread.

Life of Jesus

French Imperial Guard

  • NA391 Bicorne Guard Advancing (Shoulder Arms) – About to level his musket at the enemy this bicorne-wearing member of the “Old Guard” steadily marches forward into battle.
  • NA392 Bearskin Guard Advancing – Similar position to the figure above but wearing the famous symbol of the “Old Guard”… the tall, imposing bearskin bonnet.
  • NA395 Bearskin Guard Charging – Musket thrust forward this Grenadier takes the fight to the enemy.
  • NA397 Guard Standing Firing – “Ready… Aim… Fire!”
  • NA412 Mounted Saluting Aide de Camp – The Emperor Napoleon was surrounded by Aide de Camps that he would send at a moment’s notice with dispatches and instructions for his Generals. At the same time they would come back to Headquarters with the latest reports from the commanders in the field.
    This officer salutes as he prepares to undertake a mission on behalf of the Emperor.

French Imperial Guard

Saving Private Ryan

When we released the 2 x “Searching For Pvt. Ryan” sets (DD305 and 306) we already knew we had to produce the guy they were searching all over Normandy for…

Private First Class James Francis Ryan is an American paratrooper who served in Baker Company, 1st Battalion 506th P.I.R. of the 101st Airborne Division during the Normandy Invasion.

He was the youngest brother of 4 in the Ryan family. Already his three older brothers have been reported killed in combat when it is decided, back in Washington, to somehow find Ryan and pull him out of action.

In the movie “Saving Pvt. Ryan”, Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) leads a squad of US Army Rangers deep behind the German lines to try to find Ryan.

After several false starts they eventually meet him in a field outside the fictional town of Ramelle in Normandy just after he has destroyed a German halftrack with a bazooka.

This is how we have portrayed him… helmet in one hand, bazooka in the other.

Gang of Heroes

Battle of Britain 1968

Back in the summer of 1968, a major motion picture was being filmed in the UK that would depict the epic battle between Britain’s beleaguered Royal Air Force and Adolf Hitler’s all-conquering Luftwaffe during another summer just 28 years before.

To tell the story the film makers gathered an aerial armada of vintage fighter and bomber aircraft from around the world. Real Spitfires and Hurricanes plus Messerschmitts, Heinkels and Junkers (albeit license built in Spain) took to the air once more to retell this mighty struggle.
It’s fair to say that ‘The Battle of Britain’ movie helped ‘spur’ the general public’s interest in and fascination with the entire ‘WARBIRD’ movement of collecting and flying vintage aircraft which continues to this day.

  • RAF076 Spitfire MKII (Battle of Britain 1968) – To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the making of ‘The Battle of Britain’ film we are replicating a Spitfire Mk.II in the exact markings of one of the leading characters in the movie played by the late, great British actor Robert Shaw… Sqdn. Leader ‘Skipper’.
    In the film, ‘Skipper’ flies Spitfire ‘AIA’, decorated with both his squadron leader’s pennant and 9 x German ‘kill’ markings.
  • RAF077 Squadron Leader ‘Skipper’ – A standing figure of the character played by Robert Shaw… dressed in his No. 2 uniform, ‘Mae West’ life jacket and roll neck sweater.

Royal Airforce

“SEMPER FIDELIS” (Always Faithful)

  • USMC033 Fallen Comrade – A kneeling, pensive looking Marine pays his last respects to the flag-draped body of his buddy…
  • USMC036 Shotgun Marine – Our Marine is firing the Winchester 1897 Trench Gun. Designed by the legendary John Browning this weapon saw action in WW1, WW2, KOREA and even in VIETNAM in the 1960’s.
    Strong, sturdy and reliable it was a great ‘close quarter battle’ weapon as its longevity with the US Military proves!
  • USMC039 Marine Casualty Set – The price of FREEDOM, as the saying goes, never comes FREE! Here two marines have paid the ultimate price…

Battle of TARAWA


Invasion of Malaya


During the tumultuous upheavals of the June War of 1967 the majority of the enemy troops fighting the Israelis were Egyptian and Syrian… Here we provide the first opposition for our Israeli paratroopers…

As you can see, virtually all their weaponry was supplied by the Warsaw Pact countries and the Soviets. Russian-style helmets were also much in evidence. Uniforms and other personal equipment however were mostly made in the Middle East with a motley mixture of boots, shoes and sandals worn.

Although possessing much modern weaponry the Egyptian and Syrian soldiers suffered from woefully inept leadership at all levels of the military… inadequate training and, importantly, a lack of initiative… Put all of that together and you have all the makings of a great military disaster.

Although individual Arab soldiers fought bravely they could not overcome the inbuilt deficiencies of their own military systems… Especially against an opposition that was skillful, well-trained and highly-motivated!

  • IDF021 Standing Syrian Sniper – Armed with the Czech-made SKS rifle this Syrian Sniper picks out his target.
  • IDF022 Syrian/Egyptian Soldier with AK47 – The Soviets and Warsaw Pact supplied both Egypt and Syria with many thousands of these fine weapons for their infantry… proving once more that you need a lot more than great weapons to make a great fighting force!
  • IDF023 Egyptian/Syrian RPG7 Team – The RPG-7 is a man-portable, reusable, shoulder-launched, anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Its ruggedness, simplicity, low cost and effectiveness made it a perfect weapon for Third World militaries and insurgents.
    In use since the early 1960’s it was widely deployed during the SIX-DAY WAR by the Arab armies… with mixed results. Usually operated by a 2-man team with one soldier carrying and operating the launcher itself while the other carries extra rockets and a rifle.
    Our set shows the team in action.
  • IDF024 Egyptian/Syrian Soldier Advancing – Moving forward with AK47 ready…
  • IDF025 Egyptian/Syrian Soldier Lying Prone – Taking careful aim with his SKS Rifle.
  • IDF026 Looking For Trouble – As you can see this ‘Babe’ is definitely NOT part of the Egyptian /Syrian Army!!!
    As anyone who has studied the Israeli Army in any detail knows there is no shortage of good-looking ladies in the IDF… So, OK, this one is a wee bit more provocative… But c’mon guys who said toy soldiers couldn’t be FUN too…?

Six Day War

Corner Wall Tower

  • SP108X Corner Wall Tower – This is perfect for connecting our ‘Desert Village’ Wall Sections to extend and develop into a bigger display. Also useful for many other different historical periods.

Diorama and Scenic Building Collection

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