New First Legion October Releases!

Retreat from Russia

We are extremely pleased to present a wonderful expansion to our Retreat from Russia Series and by far our largest “Vignette”, the Burning of the Eagles! On the late afternoon of November 28th, facing the grim reality of the situation in which the tattered remnant of the Grand Armee found itself, Napoleon ordered the burning of his papers and many of the army’s standards to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. Now, it is very much debated whether or not the standards were actually burned, however, the subject makes for such a wonderful vignette that we felt it was a must add to the series. The Berezina is a battle in particular where Napoleon’s old energy returned to him and the escape of the French Army from a seemingly impossible situation was nothing short of miraculous. We have presented the scene here as inspired by several paintings of the same topic, most notably that by Wojciech Kossak (1857-1942).

Retreat From Russia

Battle of Normandy

Battle of Normandy

Unpainted Metal Kits

Unpainted Metal Kits – Scale 60mm and 75mm

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