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Glory of Rome


Around 286 AD, Diocletian divided the Roman empire into four district administrative entities. The west had capital cities in Milan and Trier, with the east finally settling on Constantinople as its capital. When the Roman Empire in the west collapsed, the territory in the east continued for another thousand years until the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453.

Constantinople was a city designed for defence, it formed a triangular shape with 2 sides on water and the 3rd on the land side. Over time the city was considerably fortified and it withstood multiple sieges during its history, its walls once being breached by the 4th Crusaders in 1204 and then finally by the Turks as previously mentioned. The Romans in the east became popularly known as the Byzantines and were renowned for the beautiful artwork in their churches and opulent clothing. There was a strong tie with the Pope in Rome which worked for and also against the Byzantines.

Our first 3 Byzantines will feature an imperial guardsman, Heraclius the Emperor who defeated the Persians at Nineveh and a Byzantine officer, all of these will be suitable for the 7th century era. More Byzantines to follow later in the year as well as some Persians, as we expand this exciting offshoot range of our Romans. Unfortunately we only have the imperial guardsman available this month, but he sure does give a taste of things to come.



  • ACCPACK004 Parachute Weapons and Accessories set – Parachute Weapons and Accessories set. Brimming with goodies this set comprises 2 x Sten Guns, 2 X Enfield Rifles, 2 different drop canisters, 2 x Webley pistols, 2 airborne style helmets, 1 x wicker basket with removable lid, 1 x Bren gun and 2 x mortar Containers. As you can see it looks great laid out as per a pre-drop inspection or can be dispersed around your battlefield diorama as you see fit. We have only made 100 pieces and this 14 piece set.

WWII Allied Forces

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