King & Country December Releases!

Deep in Sherwood Forest or high on the walls of Nottingham Castle …

Two fine “add-ons” to this relatively new range of medieval figures that are proving to be a ‘bulls-eye’ with collectors around the globe …

  • RH021 “The Duel” – One of my all-time favourite movies is “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, where Errol Flynn fights the famous dueling scene with Basil Rathbone inside Nottingham Castle … This is our small tribute to two great actors and one great movie!
  • RH025 “Mutch” The Miller’s Son – “Mutch” is featured in many of the myths and legends of Robin Hood … although not as famous as Will Scarlett or Little John we felt he should be included among “The Merrie Men”.

Robin Hood

Desert Village

Desert Village

Long Live The King!

When we first released our “Pike & Musket” series one of the most important and popular figures was King Charles I. So, popular in fact that we decided to produce an additional ‘personality figure’ of the doomed English monarch.

  • PnM067 King Charles I – Our earlier Charles figure portrayed the King in “battle order” complete with metal breastplate … Our newest King Charles I shows him in the more colourful court dress of the period.

English Civil War – Pike & Musket


French Artillery, Infantry, and Dragoons.

Napoleonic – Old Guard

Presenting the 2nd installment of “The Old Guard” at Waterloo.

Of all Napoleon’s army none was more famous or as respected as the Emperor’s Grenadiers of his Imperial Guards. During the time of his reign Napoleon’s Imperial Guard enjoyed many nicknames … “Les Grognards” (the Grumblers) being the most famous.

The Guard enjoyed better pay, rations, quarters and equipment than the rest of the army. That was because they were the ‘chosen few’ … selected from the best and most experienced infantrymen of the army and already veterans of many previous battles and campaigns.

In October / November we released our first batch … Here now are the additional ones to this dramatic collection.

French Imperial Guard

“Up to your neck in mud and bullets!”

Five “cunning” new figures take a slightly different view of “The Great War”. All of these figures were inspired by the classic British TV series, “BLACKADDER GOES FORTH” starring Rowan Atkinson.

Special Note : A sixth figure … “Lieut. George” is currently in development for release in 2017.

  • FW226 Capt. Edmund Blackadder & Pvt. Baldrick – Blackadder is (was) a professional soldier who, until the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, enjoyed a relatively danger-free military career occasionally having to fight, “Two foot tall natives armed with a motley collection of sharpened sticks!”
    Pvt. Baldrick, is his short, scrofulous and profoundly stupid batman (military manservant).
  • FW227 Squadron Commander The Lord Flasheart – Is an arrogant and boisterous Royal Flying Corps ‘ace’ who believes he is “God’s gift to women” and wildly attractive to any female that happens to cross his path. He’s most definitely mad … bad … and dangerous to know!
  • FW228 Gen. Melchett & Capt. Darling – General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett. A loud, childish, incompetent and pompous warmonger whose battle tactics and military knowledge are firmly set somewhere in the Middle Ages! (Blackadder’s brigade commander.)
    Capt. Kevin Darling. General Melchett’s unscrupulous and fawning adjutant. He’s also Blackadder’s bitter rival. While Blackadder is very definitely “up the sharp end,” Captain Darling is comfortably ensconced safely back at General Headquarters (GHQ)… and fully intends staying there!

France 1917

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