King & Country December Releases!

WW2 “Personalities & Pathos”

Three small releases portraying three different heroes of WW2 …

  • DD296 Prime Minister Churchill – Churchill figures have always been popular with K&C collectors and here is another of the PM in a familiar pose.
  • DD297 Major Dick Winters – Ever since reading Stephen Ambrose’s fine book “Band of Brothers” and seeing and enjoying the television series I have been a great admirer of the late Dick Winters … a truly magnificent officer and leader of men. After visiting the statue of Major Winters in Normandy I wanted K&C to produce a figure solely dedicated to him.
  • DD298 “Don’t Cry!” – US Army nurses in the field often had to deal and comfort the civilian casualties as well … Here an army nurse gently comforts a young French girl. An excellent addition to the K&C new US Army Nurse & Jeep set.

D-Day ’44

Barrle of the Bulge

By March 1945 British, Canadian and American forces had crossed the Rhine and were fighting their way into the heart of Hitler’s crumbling Third Reich. Although on its last legs their German opponents were still deadly and dangerous. Fortunately for the British at least their hard-pressed armoured divisions finally had a British-designed and built tank that could take on the best of the German ‘heavies’, the Panther and the Tiger, on equal terms – The ‘Comet’.

  • BBB001 The British Comet TankThis cruiser tank was a better designed and much improved armoured vehicle than its predecessor, the Cromwell.
    Mounting a new 77mm High Velocity main gun in a lower profile turret it was hugely effective against all German armour. Following its battlefield success in the last months of the war the Comet saw extensive service post war in Korea and Germany and remained with the British Army until the late 1950’s. It also led directly to the development of the ‘Centurion’ tank, Britain’s finest and most successful tank of the post 1945 period.

    Our new K&C model is in the markings of a tank belonging to The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry (44 Brigade) of the 11th British Armoured Division. Two small crew figures are included.

  • BBB002 British Tank Riders SetFour kneeling, crouching and sitting British infantrymen from the Royal Scots Fusiliers, a Scottish unit attached to the predominantly English 5th Infantry Division (Yorkshire). Perfect passengers for the Comet or any of our other K&C British armour.

Battle of the Bulge


The Singapore Armed Forces may be relatively small in numbers but they are highly professional, well motivated and extremely well-equipped and trained.

In addition to the “Regular” full-time soldiers, sailors and airmen … Singapore has ‘National Service’ for all male Singaporeans over the age of 18.

Upon ‘Call-Up’ young Singaporeans will either be directed to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The vast majority go to the SAF.

Within the SAF the best and most elite unit is the Singapore Commando Formation. A battalion-sized unit that specializes in reconnaissance and preemptive operations in small groups within enemy territory.

Our special Singapore event figure portrays a soldier of the Commando Formation in NO. 1 Dress uniform complete with Red Beret and carrying his SAR21, the 5.56mm Assault Rifle, Singapore designed and manufactured weapon with fixed bayonet.


Street of Old Hong Kong

  • HK248M Master Wong – Over the years there have been several martial arts experts who have been given the title “Master Wong”. Perhaps the most famous was Wong Fei Hung (1847 – 1925) His exploits have been featured in several Chinese movies. Our figure portrays him in a typical training pose.
  • HK249M Master Wong’s Pupils – Two of the master’s pupils undergoing training.
  • HK265M The Flying Dragons – You really can’t have a dragon boat race with just 3 x “dragon boats” … So, we’ve added a fourth – “The Flying Dragons”. This 8-man crew were blue and golden yellow uniforms and sail under their own distinctive flag.
  • HK248G Master Wong
  • HK249G Master Wong’s Pupils
  • HK265G The Flying Dragons


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