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Glory of Rome

Glory of Rome

WWII – German

The Marder was a 3 ton submarine and was considered an improvement over the earlier Neger, but included a flooding tank that allowed the craft to submerge up to a depth of 100ft. Another improvement was the pilot Plexiglas dome being operable from the inside, unlike the Neger where the pilot was locked in from the outside, with no chance of escape should the sub sink!

Germany first fielded this type of weapon in large numbers on the night of the 2nd/3rd August 1944, when 58 mini submarines took part in an operation against Allied shipping off Courseulles-sur-Mer, of the 58 craft involved in the attack only 17 returned to base. However they did manage to sink or damage 1 Liberty ship, a mine sweeper and a Royal Navy destroyer.

The last attack by mini subs in significant numbers was on the night of 16/17 August 1944, when 42 Marder attacked Allied shipping, torpedoing the empty French battleship ‘Courbet’ and 2 other small vessels for the loss of 26 Marder’s.

Our Marder KM005 comes with the 2 Kriegsmarine figures as per the attached pictures, is limited to 100 in number and is priced at $150/£99 inc VAT in the Euro zone. Other craft are scheduled for this series with KM001 Assault boat due for release in December 2016.

WWII German forces

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