New King and Country October Releases!


With the huge number of armoured vehicles rampaging all across the Western and Eastern Fronts during WW2 it was essential that damaged vehicles be either repaired on the spot … or towed away for repairs and renovation at behind –the-line depots and workshops.

On the German side they made ample use of a limited range of specialized vehicles including the mighty “Bergepanther” …

  • WH067 Bergepanther – Due to the problems of recovering damaged heavy tanks (such as Tigers and Panthers) it was necessary to produce an equally heavy tracked vehicle to perform the task … The Bergepanther was the result.Built on a Panther hull it usually employed a crew of three to operate the vehicle and its special equipment.Our model appears as it would have been seen on both the Western and Eastern Fronts during 1944 and ’45.
  • WH068 Tank Repair Commander – A standing Panzer officer as can be seen by his short black “Panzer Wrap” jacket and black M43 Field Cap.
  • WH069 Tank Repair Crew – A useful little 2-man set of crouching and kneeling Panzer repair crew … Ideal to go with WH067 or indeed any of K&C’S German fighting vehicles or even captured Allied ones!



Even in the last dying days of Hitler’s Third Reich the Fuhrer could still reach
out and punish those who offended him…

  • WS328 The Death of Fegelein
    – Hermann Fegelein’s rise to the higher echelons of the Third Reich was just as spectacular as his fall.A skilled and proficient horseman he joined the SS in 1933 and rose rapidly through the ranks. By the beginning of WW2 he commanded the SS Totenkopf’s Cavalry Regiment first in Poland in 1939 before the French Campaign in 1940.In April 1943 he was promoted to command the entire SS Cavalry Division, “Florian Geyer” before moving on, once more, to Hilter’s Headquarters Staff in Berlin as Himmler’s personal liaison officer during 1944.

    His marriage in June 1944 to Eva Braun’s sister Gretl further solidified his position close to the Fuhrer. Fegelein actively cultivated a kind of friendship with Martin Bormann.

    By April 1945 Germany was on the brink of defeat and Fegelein decided to ‘desert the sinking ship’. Unfortunately for him he was caught at a mistress’s apartment in Berlin and dragged back drunk ‘ to face the music’. Found guilty by a summary court martial he was taken into the bomb shattered remains of the Reich Chancellery … and shot!

    Our little 3-figure set illustrates the disheveled, still drunk Fegelein slumped in a chair and clutching a bottle of champagne about to be dispatched by an SD officer and a Waffen SS soldier of the 33rd “Charlemagne” Division.

Normandy 1944 – German Forces


Following on from the success of our Pearl Harbor Mitsubishi A6M “Zeroes” we
decided to add on another great Japanese warplane that played a major role in
the events of December 7, 1941.

  • JN042 The Aichi D3A1 Val – The AICHI D3A1 “Val” was Japan’s principal dive bomber of WW2. Used exclusively by the Imperial Japanese Navy it took part in virtually every major IJN operation during WW2 including, of course, the attack on Pearl Harbor.Our model is in the markings of a “Val” that flew off the aircraft carrier “AKAGI” on the morning of the Pearl Harbor attack.Note: Just 250 of this aircraft are being released.


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