King and Country August Releases!

Desert Village

  • SP036 The Desert Village Wall – The perfect add-on piece to help protect any village setting in the Middle East for virtually any historical period ….. From Biblical times right up to the present day.

Desert Village


Going back many hundreds of years before we return to the time of Ancient Greek Warriors … And their battles against Persians and Trojans.

Ancient Greece


In the early hours of December 8, 1941, the Armed Forces of the Empire of Japan simultaneously invaded the British colonies of Malaya and Hong Kong. Just over nine weeks later they had conquered Malaya, captured Hong Kong and saw the rising sun flag fly over the city of Singapore … In the long history of the
British Empire this was the single biggest defeat ever suffered by military force of arms … and signaled the beginning of the end of Britain in the Far
East. By the time the Japanese entered Singapore they had suffered just 10,000 casualties … British and Empire forces losses totaled over 130,000 ….
killed, wounded and captured. Although, on the British side, there were a myriad of military disasters and blunders there were also many individual acts of
bravery and heroism …. We hope to tell both sides of this fascinating story

  • JN026 Attacking Japanese Officer – ‘Nambu’ pistol in one hand, samurai sword in the other this officer leads his men from the front.
  • JN028 Advancing Japanese Soldier – Moving forward clutching his “Arisaka 99” rifle this Japanese infantryman is already tough and battle-hardened after years of fighting in China …
  • JN029 Advancing Firing Rifle – Another Japanese soldier takes careful aim.
  • JN030 Charging Flagbearer – This infantry NCO has attached a small, personal “good luck” banner to his rifle as he advances on the enemy.
  • JN031 Kneeling Firing – This kneeling soldier also carries a small satchel of his field rations over one shoulder. The Japanese infantry were expected to “live off the Land” for most of their food carrying only the minimum of army-issued rations.
  • JN032 Type 89 Grenade Discharger – The Type 89 was colloquially known as a “Knee Mortar” and was a short-range weapon used for close-in infantry combat in urban as well as jungle warfare. Our
    crawling Japanese Infantryman moves closer to the enemy in order to get maximum results.
  • JN037 Crouching Soldier – With rifle and bayonet this infantryman moves cautiously forward.
  • JN038 “Fight to the Death” – A vicious hand-to-hand combat between a Japanese soldier and his British / Australian / Canadian opponent.
  • JN040 Type 95 “Ha-Go” Light Tank – The Imperial Japanese Army first used this Light Tank during the Sino Japanese War of the mid 1930’s. It was intended to be an infantry support tank and never
    designed to fight other tanks. Mounting a 37mm main gun and 2×7.7mm machine guns it carried a crew of 3 and saw extensive action during the Malayan campaign. This first-released version comes in typical Japanese camouflage … with an open-hatch turret and a Tank commander figure. Just 2,300 were built in 9 different variants.

Invasion of Malaya

WWII – German

For a brief moment the fighting has stopped and this Waffen SS soldier takes the time for a quick cigarette.

Normandy ’44 – Waffen-SS & Wehrmacht

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